Becky and Tony

Becky and Tony got married today and it was an amazing day!! Everything was perfect. Becky and Tony are an amazing couple…loving…giving…caring. Hopefully they won’t mind me sharing this story:
They’re going on their honeymoon to the dominican republic and visiting a little girl who they sponsor through compassion international. They are a true inspiration, a couple that loves and serves God and eachother. Their vows actually made Cheridy and I both get a little choked up. Everything in the world seemed right today.

Photography is about capturing light and it can sometimes be challenging to find the right light to provide mood and drama in the photographs. Today the light just seemed perfect and we were able to find the RIGHT light just about everywhere we went. Here are just a couple of photos from tonights wedding:

It's HOT outside!!
SterlingFest 2006

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