Detroit Country Day Senior Pictures with Maddie

Maddie is a junior at Detroit Country Day and is also one of our amazing 2016 Senior Models! She is very hard working, especially when it comes to school! In her free time she enjoys swimming, skiing, boating, traveling, relaxing and hanging with her friends. Her favorite place in the world is simply her backyard by the lake. Maddie says she can’t live without her parents, friends and good books! I bet you’ll never guess these next few facts about Maddie… She can name all 44 presidents and say the alphabet backwards! In the past few years, Maddie was able to successfully make the transition from attending Andover High School to attending Detroit Country Day. Once she graduates, she would like to attend a university and then move on to a prestigious graduate school. We are sure that anything she sets her mind to, she’ll accomplish!

Maddie was excited to join our model team to help build her confidence and make new friends! We couldn’t be happier to have her on board!

detroit country day senior photographer

Maddie is a total sweetheart. We loved having her in our studio for her model session. She’s just as beautiful as she is kind, but you don’t need us to tell you that! Just take a look at her gorgeous photos!

cool detroit country day senior pictures

This girl did an awesome job in front of the camera. She posed so effortlessly, every shot turned out awesome. We loved her outfit and accessories too!

best michigan senior pictures

Seriously, how gorgeous is this girl?! It’s impossible for us to pick a favorite photo from this session – we love them all!

creative michigan senior portrait studio

Working with Maddie was an absolute pleasure. We are so glad that we will get to spend some more time with her throughout this year. In fact, we will be taking her senior pictures in a couple weeks and we can’t wait!

beautiful michigan senior portraits

Feel free to leave Maddie a comment about her beautiful photos or best wishes as she will soon begin her senior year of high school!

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Cool Beverly Hills Michigan Senior Pictures with Jaynie

Jaynie is a junior at Groves High School and is one of our 2016 Senior Models! She’s often described as fun, outgoing, caring and funny. When she’s not in the school’s theatre, Jaynie is either volunteering or exploring new places! Her favorite place in the world is her bed or Camp Timberlane (it’s a tie). She can’t live without Netflix, social media and food of course! Jaynie is a huge fan of music, especially Kodaline! One of Jaynie’s biggest accomplishments so far in high school is getting a regional position in her youth group. After high school, her goals are simply to be successful and enjoy her life. Those are the best kinds of goals to have!

Jaynie says that she’s excited to be a part of our model program because she’ll get some pretty pictures and all the different shoots sound so fun!

senior pictures beverly hills michigan

The first part of our model program is a model session in our studio and we were so excited for Jaynie’s session! She wore a simple and edgy outfit that fit her style and our backgrounds perfectly!

cool beverly hills michigan senior pictures

This girl has some of the most beautiful brown eyes! With her hood up and some awesome lighting, this next shot couldn’t have turned out any better.

best beverly hills michigan senior photographer

We absolutely love Jaynie’s personality. She’s super laid back, easy going and totally unique. She’s an all around awesome person and working with her was such a pleasure!

cool urban senior pictures in michigan

Thanks for the killer shoot, Jaynie! We are so excited to spend more time with you and capture some more awesome pictures this year!

creative michigan high school senior photographers

Feel free to leave Jaynie a comment about her beautiful photos or best wishes as she will soon begin her senior year of high school!

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Edgy Oakland County Senior Pics with Rachael

Rachael is a junior at the Frankel Jewish Academy and is a part of our 2016 Senior Model Team! Her friends would describe her as funny, nice, outgoing and responsible. Rachael says that she can’t live without her friends, family, her phone and her clothes. Her favorite place on Earth is her bed and if she could meet anyone, she’d love to meet Jason Derulo. In Rachael’s free time she’s typically either at her job or working out! Rachael’s biggest accomplishment in high school is staying out of drama and keeping good grades while always trying her hardest. We give her mad props for that! After High School, Rachael would like to attend Michigan State University and would love to become a news anchor.

Rachael said she was excited to be an Arising Images model because, “I love being in pictures and being creative. I also love having fun and smiling.”

frankel jewish academy senior pictures

We were pumped to have Rachael in our studio! She rocked a super edgy outfit for her model session and brought along some really fun hats and accessories!

edgy oakland county senior pics

Rachael was made to be in front of the camera. With those piercing eyes of hers, her photos couldn’t have turned out more beautiful!

cool west bloomfield senior pictures

This girl is a total pro and was so easy to photograph. Her mom said she’s been a camera ham since she was a little girl and boy does that pay off! We barely had to give her any direction and she rocked every photo.

senior pictures bloomfield michigan

Aside from being crazy photogenic, Rachael has the best personality! She is so fun and outgoing. We were having such a blast spending time with her, we didn’t want her shoot to end! Lucky for us, we get to hang out and photograph Rachael a whole lot more this year! We can’t wait to see her again soon!

michigan senior pictures with cool outfits

Feel free to leave Rachael a comment about her killer model pics or best wishes as she will soon be a senior in high school!

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Beautiful wedding at The Westin with Brandon and Laura

This past weekend we had the pleasure of photographing Brandon and Laura’s beautiful wedding at The Westin Southfield Detroit. We absolutely loved photographing Brandon and Laura’s engagement session, so we were really excited to capture some more pictures of them on their big day! Laura was absolutely glowing and we loved her stunning Winnie Couture dress from Sposa Bella. Devawn from Vinnie & June did an amazing job on her makeup! She couldn’t have been a more beautiful bride. With Brandon by her side, these two looked like they stepped right out of a fairy tale.

beautiful michigan wedding photos

Brandon and Laura’s ceremony was at the amazing St. Hugo of the Hills church. They had a beautiful ceremony and were so sweet and endearing with each other. We loved photographing it!

wedding ceremony photos at st. hugo of the hills

Afterwards, we took the newlyweds and their bridal party to the Cranbrook Art Museum to capture some awesome photos of them. Cranbrook is one of the best locations for photo sessions. Between the beautiful grounds and all the unique architecture, the possibilities are endless. We are so glad to be one of their approved photographers! Aside from the beautiful location, it’s pretty ridiculous how beautiful this couple is too! We felt like we were photographing celebrities! The weather was absolutely perfect too and all their photos turned out amazing.

creative wedding photography at cranbrook

For Brandon and Laura’s reception, we headed back to The Westin where their friends and family celebrated and danced the night away! They had the most beautiful and elegant centerpieces which were provided by Della’s Maple Lane Florist and they were a perfect match with their charger plates from Linens & Beyond. The linens from Marturo Events went perfectly with the rest of the decor and the chivari chairs from Affairs to Remember a perfect touch as well! Their wedding cake was very classic and simple, but with a touch of flowers and sparkle. Faithful Little Cupcake, who is a family friend of the couple, did an amazing job designing it! We love how it turned out! We also had the pleasure of working alongside Zara Creative as they were their videographers for the evening. Once it was time for the dancing to begin, Bluewater Kings did an awesome job providing some high energy and great music!

beautiful wedding photos at the westin southfield detroit

We are so grateful to have been able to be a part of this special day. We wish Brandon and Laura nothing but the best in their futures together!

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Notre Dame Prep Senior Pictures with Ella

Ella is a junior at Notre Dame Preparatory School and is one of our 2016 Senior Models! Ella loves art, hanging out with friends and of course, Netflix! When she’s not at school, you may run into Ella at her favorite place, The Painted Pot! Ella says that she couldn’t live without her sister, her art journal and her best friend. Last year, Ella won first place in a statewide short story competition and moved on to win the international level! How awesome is that?!

Ella says that she’s excited to be an Arising Images model because, “This is unlike anything I’ve done before and I cant wait for my pictures!”

notre dame prep senior photographer

We were thrilled when Ella joined our team. She’s so sweet, polite, has such a great head on her shoulders and a very bright future. Have we mentioned yet how absolutely beautiful this girl is?! We couldn’t wait to start taking some pictures of her!

cute rochester michigan senior pictures

For Ella’s model session, she had on the cutest dress and a lot of fun accessories. She had no problem smiling for the camera and every shot we took of her was turning out beautifully!

notre dame prep senior pictures

She is one of the easiest people we’ve ever photographed. Everything she did was so natural, candid and cute! We love this next shot and how it shows off her sweet and fun personality.

best rochester michigan senior photographer

Ella, thanks for the awesome shoot! You rock and we love that your heart is just as beautiful as you are! We can’t wait to spend time with you again soon!

pretty rochester michigan senior portraits

Feel free to leave Ella a comment about her awesome model session or best wishes as she will soon begin her senior year of high school!

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Oxford Michigan Senior Pictures with Hannah

Meet Hannah! Hannah is a junior at Oxford High School and is also one of our 2016 Senior Models! Hannah “Han” is a member of a number of clubs and groups including the Spanish Club, National Honor Society, Oakland Youth Orchestra, Varsity Tennis and the Link Club! Hannah also finds time to play the harp which we think is absolutely amazing! This girl is super busy with all of her various activities, but when she has some free time, she loves to draw and spend time with her friends. Her biggest accomplishment in high school is being able to maintain a healthy balance between school and social life as well as maintaining a good relationship with her family. Hannah’s dream job would be to become a psychiatrist and we know that she will succeed no matter where life takes her!

Hannah is excited to be an Arising Images model because, “I can make new friends from different areas, gain confidence in myself, and have a great time!”

oxford michigan senior pictures

When we were talking with Hannah about what she wanted to do for her model session, she mentioned that she would really like to incorporate a Paris or big city theme. We were all for that! For her first shot, we decided to green screen her into a scene with the Eiffel Tower. Hannah’s outfit went perfectly with our background and she had no problem posing like a pro. We love how the final product turned out!

cool paris themed michigan senior pics

For another shot, we wanted to get creative and have her walking through Times Square. This ended up turning out way cooler than we ever imagined! If you take a close look at the background, you’ll see we also put her portrait on a billboard. How cool, right?

creative senior pictures in times square

Hannah was so much fun to work with! She’s a total beauty with a heart of gold. We’ve enjoyed every second that we’ve spent with her so far and we can’t wait for more shoots and fun times with her throughout the year!

Feel free to leave Hannah a comment about her awesome model session or best wishes as she will soon begin her senior year of high school!

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Cool Michigan Senior Pictures with Courtney

Courtney “Court” is one of our amazing 2016 Senior Models. A cheerleader at Brandon High School, Courtney can be described as bubbly, fun, and outgoing! Courtney was super excited to be able to go to states with her cheer team this year! She also really enjoys being a member of her school’s color guard. Her favorite brand is RVCA and her favorite thing in her closet is her combat boots! Her goal after high school is go to to Texas Tech, so that she can work towards her dream of becoming a graphic designer. Courtney was recently a part of our 2015 Fashion Show! Walking the runway in front of hundreds of people isn’t easy, so we give her major props and are so proud of how well she did!

Courtney says that she’s excited about being an Arising Images model because, “I get to come out of my shell and meet new people!”

best michigan portrait photographer

When Courtney arrived for her model session, we knew it was going to be awesome. She had on such a pretty and fashionable outfit and she brought along the cutest hat. We couldn’t wait to get a close up of her with the hat and as you can see, it turned out absolutely stunning!

beautiful girl michigan senior pictures

Courtney is a total natural in front of the camera. You’d think she had professional training on how to pose! Everything she did was so effortless and beautiful.

pretty michigan senior portrait poses

Seriously, how cute is she?!

cool michigan senior pictures

It was so much fun having her in our studio. In a few weeks, we will be taking her senior pictures as well and we can’t wait!

best michigan high school senior photographer

Feel free to leave Courtney a comment about her model session or best wishes as she begins her senior year of high school!

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Michigan High School Senior Pictures with Emily

Emily is a junior at Reese High School as is one of our 2016 Senior Models! She loves all kinds of outdoor activities including swimming, camping, boating and snowmobiling. In her free time she’s often weight lifting and taking selfies! Emily’s goal after high school is to attend Michigan State University. She hopes to become a lawyer some day and to help her prepare for that, she spends a ton of her time interning at a law firm! A few weeks ago, Emily was a part of our 2015 Fashion Show! Even from the last seat in the house, you could see Emily’s smile shining! She rocked the runway in front of hundreds of people and we are so proud of her!

reese michigan senior pictures

Emily is such a sweetheart, we were so excited to have her in our studio for her model session! We couldn’t wait to start capturing some awesome pictures of her!

michigan high school senior pictures

Emily is one of the happiest and most easy going people we’ve ever met. She’s always such a pleasure to be around and we just love that about her!

senior photographers in michigan

She didn’t need any time to warm up in front of the camera. She was instantly comfortable and ready to pose! We were having so much fun!

michigan senior picture poses

Emily has some of the most gorgeous eyes EVER! With the studio lighting and her nail and shirt color, we were able to capture a portrait that really made those babies pop. It turned out to be one of our favorite shots – talk about beautiful!

pretty girl senior pictures in michigan

Feel free to leave Emily a comment about her stunning photos or best wishes as she will soon begin her senior year!

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Orion Michigan Senior Pictures in the rain!

A few days ago we had the pleasure of taking Whitney’s senior pictures! This girl is super fun, outgoing and so easy to get along with! We were pumped to work with her!

casual laughing senior pictures in michigan

Whitney’s shoot was full of excitement. We were expecting a thunderstorm any second, so we weren’t wasting any time when we were taking her pictures. Lucky for us, this girl is insanely photogenic! Sometimes it takes two or three shots before we get one that works, but not with Whitney! She nailed it for every single shot!

michigan senior pictures in a park

senior pictures downtown lake orion

There’s a little park in downtown Lake Orion that is super special and full of a lot of memories for Whitney. We were glad to have been able to take some photos in a location that was so meaningful to her. Not to mention, the spot was absolutely perfect and she looked so beautiful sitting by the creek.

michigan senior pictures by the water

Just as we were finishing up some pictures at the park, it started sprinkling a bit. Whitney wasn’t phased at all! She kept smiling and looking gorgeous as can be!

pretty orion michigan senior pictures

lake orion senior photographers

After the park pictures, we went through downtown Lake Orion to capture some more edgy looking photos with the different walls and patterns.

cool senior pictures downtown lake orion

Even with the rain, I don’t think this session could have gone any better! Whitney was such a pleasure to work with and is a total rock star. Her easy going and fun personality made her shoot awesome and her pictures amazing! Before her session was over, we had to get a picture of her with an umbrella. After all, it WAS raining! We are so glad we did as it ended up being one of our favorites. How crazy cute is this next image? Love it!

michigan senior pictures in the rain

We wish Whitney the absolute best as she graduates from high school and we hope to see her again soon!

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Beautiful Clarkston Michigan Senior Pictures with Michaela

We want to take a second to introduce you to Michaela who is one of our awesome 2016 Senior Models! Michaela goes to Brandon High School where she is on the varsity poms team. This year her team claimed the title of the competitive pompon state champions! She also dances and loves being on stage! Michaela is quite the crafter. In her free time she really enjoys knitting and upcycling. This girl is just as intelligent as she is gorgeous! She’s had some awesome accomplishments so far in high school. One of her biggest ones was giving her presentation at the MDOT bridge competition during her freshman year. She’s also really proud to have gotten an A in her AP Stats class! After high school, Michaela plans on attending MSU where she will major in criminology/psychology and minor in dance. One of our favorite and most random facts about Michaela is that she can sing the alphabet backwards!

michigan high school senior model program

Michaela recently came to our studio for her very first model session. We had SO much fun with her! She is such a sweetheart and so easy to work with. She is also incredibly fierce in front of the camera!

best senior photographer in clarkston michigan

We love her stye. From head to toe, Michaela looked like she stepped off a fashion magazine. We especially loved the hat she brought! Seriously, how stunning is this girl?!

fashionable senior pictures in clarkston michigan

Picking our favorites from this session was near impossible. Every photo we took turned out awesome. Michaela is just so effortlessly photogenic.

cool senior picture poses in michigan

We ended her session with a bang and captured this absolutely gorgeous portrait. It was so much fun having Michaela in our studio! We couldn’t be more excited to have her as one of our 2016 Senior Models and we can’t wait for all the rest of the shoots we get to do with her this year! Thanks for all the fun, Michaela! Can’t wait to see you again soon!

beautiful clarkston michigan senior pictures

Feel free to leave Michaela a comment about her pictures or best wishes as she begins her senior year!

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