Adorable Fall Family Photography Session with the DeClaire Family

Do you remember the DeClaire family? You should, we have worked with them for the past 10 years!  After 10 separate shoots, we have done everything for them from Michigan wedding photography to maternity/ newborn photos for their two youngest girls to corporate head shots and office photography for Dr. DeClaire’s Orthopaedic Institute. You can check out some of our past work with the family here:

6 month photos
One year plan baby photography
Maternity and family photos
Precious newborn pics
Great family pictures

Gorgeous autumn family pictures

For this great family photo session, we went to Rochester Park a month ago when the beautiful Michigan fall colors were in full swing.  They made gorgeous backdrops for the DeClaire children sibling pictures.  Look how pretty they’re girls are!

Great family photographers in Michigan

Precious sibling photography

The entire time we were at the park, the two youngest girls were having a blast!  From giving each other big hugs, to throwing the falling leaves around to just hanging out.  They are clearly best buds.  We captured so many precious sister photos of the two of them, we didn’t know which ones to choose!

Adorable black and white children photos

Children throwing leaves

Best Child Photographers in Michigan

Thank you so very much DeClaire family!  We have enjoyed documenting all the wonderful milestones in your lives for the last 10 years and can’t wait to capture more of your special memories in the future.

Adorable Fall Family Photography Session

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Family Photography at Cranbrook House and Gardens with the Aldo Family

Earlier this month, we were lucky enough to meet the Aldo family at Cranbrook House and Gardens for some great fall family photos.  They knew how to coordinate their outfits so perfectly that even their dog had on a vest and necktie just for the occasion.  It’s not difficult to tell that this entire trio professionally models, is it?  They are all so photogenic and have wonderful poses for family pictures.  Especially their daughter, can you believe she’s only 12?!

Family photos with pets

In addition to their wonderful family photos, the Aldo’s wanted to take full advantage of the session and update their Michigan modeling head shots so they could update their comp cards.  In addition to modeling, Stella is also a professional singer.

Great head shot photographers in Michigan

Comp card photographers near Detroit

beautiful black and white child photography

We had such a fantastic time with this family at their Cranbrook photo session.  Hearing stories about their experiences, travels and professional lives was absolutely fascinating.  Thank you for a wonderful shoot Aldo family, it was a blast!

Family Photography at Cranbrook House and Gardens

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Amazing Fall Senior Portraits with Jordan

We are thrilled to be able to introduce you to Jordan, a Groves High School class of 2016 senior.  This absolutely stunning young lady was not only a joy to meet but to photograph as well.  She has such a unique, naturally beautiful look, it was like photographing a professional model. We just loved how her Cranbrook House and Gardens senior pictures turned out.  I mean, look at those eyes!

Fun senior picture photographers

Beautiful Cranbrook Senior Pictures

We actually asked Jordan if she ever modeled professionally, can you believe she said no?!  She said that she has considered it and we strongly encouraged her to pursue it.  There was just not one bad shot during her entire high school senior session.

Artistic Senior Photographers

Dramatic senior photos

One of the best parts about photographing Jordan was her gorgeous, naturally red hair with all of the breathtaking autumn leaves.  These are actually some of our favorite fall senior photos.  Just look at how amazing the yellows, oranges and reds of the leaves look with her hair and beautiful green eyes.

Gorgeous high school senior pictures

Amazing Fall Senior Portraits

Jordan, thank you for being such an absolute pleasure to work with and photograph.  We hope you love your senior pictures just as much as we do!

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Cool Goodrich High School Senior Photos with Houston

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of meeting this Goodrich High School gent for his awesome senior portrait session at our Lake Orion, Michigan farm.  Houston was admittedly nervous at first but seemed to warm up to the camera quickly.  And why shouldn’t he?  With his adorable smile, pretty eyes and endearing little smirk, he is wonderfully photogenic!

Casual high school senior pictures

great senior photos for guys

Senior picstures with trucks

While Houston leaned more towards casual senior photos, he had no problem dressing up to the nines for a more formal look.  Whether he was going for a bold and edgy portrait with his cool photo shoot accessories or simply showing off his natural swagger leaning casually up against a tree, he totally rocked his suit like no one’s business.

Cool Goodrich High School Senior Photos

fall senior photos

Awesome senior photos for guys

We had a wonderful time bringing this handsome guy out of his shell and showing just how awesome he really is.  Thank you so very much Houston for being such a great sport and giving us some awesome high school senior photos to show off on our blog!

Lake Orion Michigan Senior Picture Photogrpahers

Artistic photographers in Michigan

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Gorgeous Fall Family Photos at Cranbrook with the Day Family

We love autumn!  Not only is it cooler outside but the natural colors of the changing leaves make for amazing outdoor photo sessions.  This was definitely the case a month ago when we met this fantastic foursome at Cranbrook House and Gardens to capture stunning autumn family portraits for them.

The Day family, along with their dog Koda, were wonderful to work with!  Not only were they easy to photograph but Koda was one of the most well behaved dogs that we have ever worked with.  He seemed to know exactly what was going on while sitting and looking at the camera for this great family pet photo.

Family photos with dogs

The whole family seemed to have such a good time that day.  Even the two children were eager to hug it out to get cute sibling photos. Normally we find kids their age have to be bribed into posing with one another but this photogenic pair had no problem showing off their close little brother, big sister bond.  That being said, we wanted to give them both their own time to shine as well.

Awesome family photographers in Michigan

Family and child photographers in Lake Orion

Family photos with fall color

One thing that we like to make sure we do at every family photography session is to capture beautiful images of not only the children but of their parents as well.  Many times, the last time parents have been photographed as just the two of them is their wedding day!  The other aspect of this that makes it extra special is that these are most often the pictures that are the children’s favorites.

Best familf photography in Michgian

We also enjoy capturing the special relationships between the men and ladies of the families we work with.  Just look at the heartwarming family photos!  The women snuggling up for an adorable mother, daughter photo while the gents bring it in for a bear hug in their father, son photo.

Beautiful mother and daughter pictures

Cool father and son photos

Thank you so very much Day family.  You were an absolute joy to work with and we hope to be there for many more family milestones  to come!

Gorgeous Family Photos at Cranbrook

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Cool Michigan High School Senior Pictures with Xavia!

We love Brandon High School junior Xavia and we’re so excited to call her an Arising Images Senior Model! Xavia “Zavi” loves ice cream and watermelon sour patches. While most people dream of a tropical location, Xavia’s favorite place in the world is Starbucks! She can’t live without her family (including her 6 brothers and sisters), food and sleep. Xavia has been really hard working at school and she is proud of the fact that she has raised her GPA and maintained all A’s! That’s awesome! Not only is she smart, but is also an incredibly talented singer! Last weekend Xavia walked the runway in our 2015 Fashion Show and she looked amazing! We were so glad to have her a part of it this year!

michigan senior photography studio

When Xavia came to our studio, we were really excited to get things started. This girl is simply stunning! She brought along a fun scarf and we had a blast incorporating it in her photos every way we could. We wrapped it around her hair for one of the shots and it couldn’t have turned out any more beautiful! Take a look:

pretty senior pictures orion michigan

Her outfit went perfectly with our backgrounds and she did such an awesome job posing!

cool michigan high school senior pictures

stylish michigan senior pictures

Seriously, how cute is she? We love how everything turned out!

orion michigan senior photographer

Michigan High School Senior Pictures for Girls

pretty michigan senior pictures in orion

Before her session was over, we wanted to make sure and get a shot that showed off her awesome red converse!

fun michigan senior pictures

fashionable michigan senior pictures

Fast forwarding to the sunny mid- June morning for Xavia’s awesome senior picture session at Cranbrook House & Gardens.  It was a warm, sunny day but nothing shined brighter than Xavia.  Notice anything different?  She had an adorable smile before but she definitely rocked her pearly whites now that her braces were off.  Between her fantastic smile, trendy senior picture outfits and accessories and the lovely summer day, Xavia had the trifecta for perfect senior pictures.

Great Candid Senior Pictures

Cranbrook Senior Photos

Her high school senior portraits weren’t all smiles though.  We still asked Xavia to bring the sass and boy did she ever!  Just look at her gorgeous, piercing eyes!!!  If a picture says 1,000 words, 999 of those are being told with that look.  :)


Xavia couldn’t keep that up for long though.  Her naturally sweetheart demeanor just exudes from her like rays of sunshine which was showcased beautifully with her cheerful yellow shirt.



Brandon High School Senior Pictures

Thank you for such a wonderful senior portrait session Xavia and for being such a stupendous Arising Images senior model.  We have loved every moment of getting to know and photograph you.

Cool Michigan High School Senior Pictures with Xavia

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Stunning Autumn Engagement Photography with Patrick and Amanda

This past October, the smell of burning leaves wasn’t the only thing in the air, the flourishing love between Patrick and Amanda was blissfully floating about as well.  Which made it the perfect time to capture their gorgeous engagement photos at Cranbrook House and Gardens.

The couple was so sweet together, joking back and forth between giving one another little smooches and hugs.  It was so such a treat to see two people so in love.

Gorgeous black and white engagement photos

Fall Engagement Photos at Cranbrook

The colors of the leaves on the trees at the always immaculate Cranbrook were simply stunning and made the most perfect setting for Amanda and Patrick’s fall engagement photo session.  The brilliant orange, red and yellow a pallet seemed to show off Amanda’s beauty even more, pulling out the rosiness in her cheeks, the blond of her hair and the peach in her scarf.  Naturally, Patrick couldn’t keep his eyes off of her.

Stunning Autumn Engagement Photography

Engagement Photographers near Detroit

This perfect pair couldn’t be more well suited for one another.  While Patrick is funny and energetic, Amanda balances him out with her laid back, go with the flow attitude.

Congratulations on your engagement you two!  We can’t wait to capture the wonderful memories that are sure to be made on your wedding day!

beautiful engagement photography

Best Engagement Photographers in Michigan

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Beautiful Family Photography in Lake Orion Michigan with the Valicevic Family

Mid- October, we met this wonderful family at our Lake Orion, Michigan farm.  This fantastically photogenic foursome (say that three times fast, lol) was such a blast to work with.  Not only were they easy to photograph but they are clearly pros at picking out great outfits for family pictures.  From their coordinating and complimentary color palette to their perfect photo shoot accessories, they couldn’t go wrong.

Best family photographers in Michigan

While they are obviously a beautiful family as a whole, we had the most fun photographing the two little gentlemen.  Both of the boys had personality for days which brought an enjoyable, goofy energy to their already excellent family photo session.

Their darling smiles, cute giggles and sweet dispositions added such joy to the day and made it so easy to capture adorable candid sibling photos of the two of them.  The good times didn’t stop there though, the boys were so excited to play on our tire swing we just had to get some precious children’s portraits of each of them.

Candid family photos

Fun family photographers

Adorable child photography

We had such a wonderful time with this clan at their charming family barn photo session, we wish every shoot could be like theirs. Thank you so very much Valicevic family for a great day and even better photos!

Beautiful Family Photography in Lake Orion Michigan

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Fall Family Pictures in Michigan with the Fox Family

Autumn in Michigan is one of the most beautiful times of year with all the vibrant colors popping up all over.  So what better time to get some great family pictures taken?  Well that is exactly what the Fox family thought.  We met this lovely five-some at our Lake Orion, Michigan farm to captures some amazing fall family photos for them.

If Mr. Fox looks familiar to you, you may recognize him from his commercials for Fox Chevrolet in Rochester, the family business.  With all his time in front of a video camera, you could definitely tell he and his family had no problem with being in front of our cameras.  From their perfectly coordinated attire to their playful personalities, they were all so naturally photogenic that capturing amazing family portraits of them was as a snap.

Fall Family Pictures in Michigan with the Fox Family

With a family this camera- friendly, we could have really done their Michigan family photos anywhere but our barn seemed as if it was the perfect place for their family and kid photography session.  Even the individual pictures of each of their three wonderful children just turned out beautifully.  As for great locations for family photos go, we love these awesome barn pictures for families and children portraits alike.

Family Picture Photographers near Detroit

Rustic family pictures in Michigan

Great Michigan photographers for family photos

We had such a wonderful time with the Fox family this past weekend.  Between the stunning fall colors and this stunning family, we could not have asked for a better day or more amazing family photos!

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Cool Senior Pictures at the Cranbrook Art Museum with Tejas

Back in late September 2012 , we had the pleasure of capturing beautiful senior photos of Esha, the daughter of one of our closest and dearest wedding planners, Rupali.  Fast forward three years and it was time for us to photograph yet another one of Rupali’s children, so we headed to Cranbrook Art Museum to meet up with Tejas.

When he arrived, he definitely did so in style.  His car was so cool we couldn’t resist taking some awesome Chevy Camaro senior photos.  His style didn’t stop at his ride though, he had great outfits for senior pictures which included one of his sweet watches.

Awesome Senior Pics with cars

Cool poses for senior boys

This Northville High School football player was so photogenic it made it super easy to photograph him for his cool senior pics.  His natural, camera- ready demeanor combined with all of the great Michigan picture locations at Cranbrook made his shoot fly by.  Not to mention, Tejas was so relaxed and laid back the entire time, all of his senior photos have a suave, effortless feel to them.

Senior pictures with letterman jackets

handsome senior pictures for guys

It didn’t matter where we went or what he needed to do, Tejas knocked his high school senior session out of the park.  Whether he was showing off his pearly whites or going for more edgy senior pictures, he had absolutely no problem transitioning from one look to another.  The entire Cranbrook photo session with Tejas was an absolute blast!

Michigan senior picture photographers

Cool Senior Pictures at the Cranbrook Art Museum

Thank you so very much Rupali (and Tejas), we are so happy we could be part of commemorating yet another milestone in your family!

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