Michigan family portrait session in Rochester

Last month we photographed an awesome family, the Boyds! We’ve known their daughter Katryna for a while now, as she participated in our model program. We were excited to photograph her whole family, just like we were excited to photograph her! We met them in Rochester and got right down to business.

boyd_031 boyd_044 boyd_056

This is such a nice family, not to mention easy to pose and lovely people, so this session was a piece of cake.


These two sisters are just adorable. They had so much fun during the shoot!





These girls were up for anything, so we had them get right in the water and play around, and the photos turned out great!



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Viviano Flowers shoot on our farm

We’ve had a great relationship with Viviano Flowers for years, and collaborating on projects with them always produces great results. They needed some new photographs for marketing material, so we loved the opportunity to do that for them. We did the shoot at our farm property in Orion, Michigan. The shoot was centered around Prom, and will be used in advertising their corsages and boutonnieres. Of course, we jumped at the chance to put our Arising Models into good use! Kyra and Savannah showed up with enthusiasm and of course, looking beautiful.

viviano_prom_103  viviano_prom_164 viviano_prom_185

The guys were giving them a run for their money in their sharp tuxes!

viviano_prom_300 viviano_prom_354

We need to give a special, huge thanks to the guy you see below, Brian, who jumped in the day of the shoot, because one of our male models came down with strep! Talk about a curveball. But he jumped right in not knowing anyone, and I think you’ll agree with us: he’s a natural.


Viviano always does an amazing job with their flower arrangements, and this time was no different. They easily complimented the formal wear and gave their outfits the beautiful pop that everyone expects from their corsage or boutonniere.

viviano_prom_373 viviano_prom_393 viviano_prom_432 viviano_prom_442

What a great shoot this was, and we appreciate everyone who took the time to come help us out! And of course, a huge thanks to Viviano for being a great working partner and always delivering a great, quality product.


Kaplunov Wedding Photography at Cranbrook

A few weeks back, we got to share a very special day with Sam and Sarah. We absolutely loved this wedding. From the beautiful family, the kind guests, to the gorgeous reception details, everything was perfect. It was the kind of wedding that makes us love our job even more. They tied the knot at the Cranbrook house, where Sarah graduated from. We always love shooting at Cranbrook, so it felt like home for us. The garden was in full bloom, and combined with the historical architecture of the buildings, we were able to capture some great photographs.

Kaplunov Bridal Party

With all the wedding festivities being in the same place, we were able to take full advantage of everything the Cranbrook grounds had to offer. The ceremony was so sweet and got the family involved, which we always love!

Kaplunov Ceremony

For the reception, we headed to a different part of the grounds where a stunning indoor/outdoor tent was set up. The tent gave it a backyard feel, but the amazing decor left us in awe of the elegance of it all. We’re so happy that Sam and Sarah chose us for their big day! To say we enjoyed ourselves is an understatement. We sure do love this couple and wish them the absolute best in their future together.


Kaplunov Reception Details


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Engagement session at our farm with Kyle and Mariana

Back in May, we had the privilege of photographing a beautiful couple, Kyle and Mariana. These two are about as perfect for each other as they come! They wanted something casual and romantic, so our farm in Orion, Michigan was the perfect backdrop for this perfect couple.

ludeman_048 ludeman_063 ludeman_092

We loved our time with this couple! They were so funny and kind, and just look at the way they look at each other. What’s not to love?!

ludeman_102 ludeman_122

This couple was up for anything! Taking advantage of the sunny day and warm weather hit the spot for this session on the farm.

ludeman_139 ludeman_157 ludeman_166

We’re so excited to photograph their wedding this year! It’s been a joy and an honor to work with you two, and we look forward to the future!


You had better check back with us soon, because with these two in the photos, you know they’ll be absolutely amazing.



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Paris Inspired Senior Pictures with Hannah

We first met Hannah at Rock the Dress last year and we are so happy that she’s now a part of our model team! Hannah is a junior at Stevenson High School. She enjoys running Cross-Country and Track, shopping and spending time with friends. Hannah has many accomplishments in high school! She earned the Academic All-County for Cross Country and she’s also very involved in her student council. Apparently she’s very talented at making her room look cleaner than it actually is and you’ll never guess who told us that funny piece of information!

Here’s what Hannah had to say about being an Arising Images Senior Model: “When I first met Chelsea, Prem, and some of the models, I knew that this was going to be an amazing experience with amazing people! I can’t wait to have so much fun with all of the shoots and the fashion show, not to mention getting to know the other models!”

Can I just say how amazing this girl is? She’s honestly one of the biggest troopers we’ve ever met! She injured herself when running, but didn’t let that stop her from coming to her model session and totally killing it in the studio! Not only that, but she unfortunately re-injured herself in the same place as before right before our Senior Model Fashion Show and you guessed it… That didn’t stop her from walking the runway in front of hundreds of people! Not many people are as brave and bold as Hannah is and I doubt anyone could photograph or walk a runway as well as she did with an injury! This girl is AWESOME!

cool michigan senior pictures

Hannah’s favorite place on Earth is Paris so she really wanted to get some Paris inspired senior pictures. She had on the perfect outfit and accessories for her themed model session! We had so much fun green screening her into some awesome shots of Paris that Prem took when he was there. Hannah looked so cute and fit absolutely perfectly with the backgrounds! We love how everything turned out!

paris inspired senior pictures

Travel Inspired Senior Pictures

Hannah brought a really cool trench coat and umbrella and we had the chance to get super creative for one of her shots! With a little help from Photoshop, we were able to create an absolutely magical photo of her. It’s one of our favorites we’ve ever done!

michigan cool rain senior pictures with umbrella

Hannah, thanks for the awesome shoot and for being one of the most awesome people we’ve ever met! We had so much fun with you and we are so honored to have you as one of our models! Can’t wait to take your senior pictures in a few weeks!

pretty michigan senior pictures

Last month we were able to photograph Hannah’s senior portrait session at the Cranbrook grounds, and it turned out just as gorgeous as we thought it would!


She put the same amount of effort into her senior session as she did in the fashion show! She’s one of the easiest people to work with, and even easier to photograph. What a beauty!


She looks totally natural and at home in whatever pose we put her in. That always makes the pictures turn out so well!


Hannah kept us smiling all day with her sunny personality.


We were worried about the weather we’d been having all last month, but for Hannah’s shoot, everything turned out great!


Feel free to leave Hannah a comment about her awesome model session or best wishes as she will soon begin her senior year of high school!

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Cool Lake Orion Senior Pics with Olivia!

Olivia “Liv” is a Lake Orion High School junior and is now one of our Senior Models! Olivia’s friends would describe her as “short, funny and loud.” Her favorite brand is LA Hearts and her favorite items in her closet are her sundresses! She can’t live without her family, friends and her cell phone. Although she still wishes she were better at math, Olivia is really proud of the fact that she’s been able to receive good grades throughout high school. Olivia’s biggest passions are drawing and painting. After high school, Olivia would like to attend Grand Valley State University and hopes to become a dermatologist some day.

Olivia said that she’s excited to be an Arising Images Model because, “I get to meet an amazing group of girls, and participate the in many activities that Arising Images had planned for us.”

cool rochester senior pics

We couldn’t wait for Olivia’s model session! When she arrived, we were even more excited than before.

best rochester senior photographers

This girl has such a killer style. Her outfit and accessories were perfect and really showed off her fun personality.

fashionable michigan senior pictures

Olivia didn’t have a single problem being in front of the camera. Whether she was posing, smiling, or just being herself, everything she did was perfect.

unique senior pictures rochester michigan

As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, this girl is absolutely stunning. Believe it or not, her heart is even more beautiful than she is! She is one of the kindest and most friendly girls we’ve ever met!

creative rochester senior portrait photographer

Olivia, we couldn’t be happier to have you as one of our senior models.

In June, we had the privilege of photographing Olivia again for her senior session! Like always, she totally rocked it out, and we love how her pictures turned out!

We met Olivia at our farm property, which was the perfect setting for her casual shoot.


We always knew Olivia was great with fashion, but she always leaves us impressed at her ability to pick out just the right outfit to compliment her personality!



She broke out one of her sundresses for the warm day, and we loved it against our old truck. The two together were a perfect combination for great photos.


She’s got a smile that we couldn’t get enough of! She makes our job easy.


We loved spending the day with Olivia, as always. She’s a beautiful girl, both inside and out, which is what we love about our jobs: bringing the inside beauty out for everyone to see!


Feel free to leave Olivia a comment about her awesome pictures or best wishes as she’s almost a senior in high school!

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Cool Michigan Senior Portraits

Savanna, or “Vanna”, is a totally awesome and crazy outgoing member of our 2016 Senior Model Team!

Here’s a little more about Savanna:
Savanna is a Junior at Lake Orion High School and this girl loves to laugh! Her hobbies include singing, listening to music, and hanging out with with her “framily” (her family of friends)! Savanna would describe herself as an “open book” and sometimes very blunt. She has diabetes, but has never let that get in her way or stop her from doing anything. We love that about her! She told us that she can’t live without insulin and Lantus (for obvious reasons) and her awesome momma! Savanna is just as sweet as she is silly and she’s always helping those she cares about and being there for them whenever they’re dealing with a hard time. After high school, Savanna would like to attend Grand Valley State University to become a pediatric counselor. This past weekend Savanna shared her gorgeous smile and bubbly personality with hundreds of people as she walked the runway in our 2015 Fashion Show!

Savanna says she’s excited to be an Arising Images Senior Model because, “I’ve always had an interest in modeling and it’s a great way to meet new people and gain amazing memories!”

lake orion high school senior photographer

We were counting down the seconds for Savanna’s model session because once she told us her idea for a dramatic angel shot, we couldn’t wait to make it happen! It was a LOT of work, but it was totally worth it as the final product turned out completely amazing! First of all, Savanna came to the studio with a bunch of black fabric. We then cut and tied it all over her to create a really cool dress. Once that was done, we photographed her in our studio and spent a lot of time in photoshop to add the wings, background, etc. The shot turned out absolutely beautiful and totally epic! We hope she loves it as much as we do!

cool angel senior pictures in michigan

Afterwards, we took a few more non-angel pictures of Savanna. Since this girl is always smiling and joking around, we weren’t sure if we could get some serious shots of her, but boy were we wrong. Savanna killed it in front of the camera and can turn on that fierce look of hers instantly!

cool michigan senior portraits

Savanna – You. Are. Awesome. We had an insane amount of fun during your model session and we can’t wait to photograph your senior pictures in a month or two!

fun michigan senior pictures

senior portrait photographer in orion michigan

The senior model program has been so much fun meeting all these great people. Savanna is from Lake Orion so we were glad to be able to do her full session in Lake Orion. She was perfect at the farm property and she seriously couldn’t have done any better. Her outfits suited her personality perfectly with her fun and casual personality. We were able to get so many photos that really did show off who Savanna is. She has so many looks; serious, silly and casual are some of them. Our farm property has a lot to show off, too. Moving from barns to fields, trees to trucks, we were able to really enjoy our day with Savanna.

High School Senior photos

senior farm pics

beautiful senior pics in Lake Orion

Michigan senior photographer

Michigan outdoor senior photos

Cool Michigan senior portraits

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Engagement photos at Cranbrook

There are couples that know how to have fun together. Then there are couples that know how to have FUN TOGETHER! These two are the latter couple. Chris and Amanda were so cute and were very playful together. They chose Cranbrook for their engagement photo session location. The entire time we were with them silliness and playfulness just happened. We didn’t have to “set them up” to be happy and it never felt “posey”.  This made smiles and closeness easy to ask for and probably easier for them to do.

Beautiful engagement pictures

Engagement Pictures in Bloomfield Hills

Michigan engagement photographers

We walked around Cranbrook House for our Southeast Michigan Engagement session in June. We found beautiful blooming flowers that we could use as backdrops. Since they chose a great location we also had the benefit of gorgeous architecture and fountains as well.

Outdoor engagment photos

Summer engagement Photography

Photos at Cranbrook

These two were joking around all day, making each other laugh. This was so endearing and they really seem head over heels for each other. There’s no mistaking that they are meant to be together! They also have an eye for details that would really make for some interesting photos. The umbrella is such a fun addition and was just the right color, don’t you think?

Engagement photos at Cranbrook

We are looking forward to being able to do their wedding photos. We are also looking forward to spending a beautiful day with their families too.

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Downtown Rochester Engagement Photos

Matt and Beth had a pretty crisp and cool spring day to get their engagement photos taken.  Luckily you can’t see that in their photos and you would never guess that. Not only were they good at their acting skills by pretending to not be chilly, but they also had an opportunity to snuggle closely together, and as you can imagine, that is really not so bad. We made our way into downtown Rochester because we can get beautiful natural engagement photos but also utilize some great architecture that the buildings and fountains available.

Downtown Rochester Engagement Photos

Michigan Engagement Photography

Beautiful Couples Photos

We really enjoyed spending time with them because being with people who have fun together and can make one another smile just makes us smile. Matt really treats Beth so kindly and they have an admirable respect for one another.

We also have such close accessibility to taking some engagement photos on Paint Creek Trail in Rochester also. She was a trooper, though. I have to believe walking in heels down a small hill isn’t easy.

Black and White Engagement Photos

Rochester Engagement Park Pics

Beth knew what dress she wanted to wear and the color is so pretty.

Michigan Photographers

Nature Engagement Photography

Detroit Engagement Photographer

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Southeast Michigan Family Pictures

Family photos in Michigan during the summer are so much fun, especially when we have had the chance to meet them because we already photographed one of their kids already! So we did high school senior photos for Carolyn here at Cranbrook House and Gardens in Bloomfield Hills, and now we have the pleasure to take photos of their family at the same location. Meeting parents, like Same and Laura, after we have had the chance to meet their children = not to shabby.



These daughters are beautiful, aren’t they? Carolyn is a dancer and Briana is an actress. While we were with them we made sure to get some photos for Briana that would be useful for head shots, too.

Head shots for portfolio

Family photos in Michigan

Cranbrook family photographer

We are always hopeful also, that the family has a chance to enjoy time together before their High School Senior leaves for college because everyone knows how fast life gets. If you don’t take the time to plan it, the chance to spend time together can vanish. We love being part of capturing photos, but we really love facilitating family time for our clients.

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