West Bloomfield High School Senior Pictures with Robbie

This time of year is always jam packed with high school senior pictures and this August was no exception. One of our favorite sessions was for Robbie, a student at West Bloomfield High School. As soon as they arrived at Cranbrook House and Gardens, both Robbie and his mom Lisa had huge smiles on their faces and were excited about the day.

From the second we started shooting, Robbie just kept giving us one great picture after another. It’s safe to say he totally rocked his session, I mean look how handsome he is in these amazing senior photo!

Handsome Senior Photos

Best Senior Picture Photographers in Oakland county

As the Cranbrook photo session went on, Lisa was such a trooper carrying the clothes her son’s outfit changes. Being the gentleman he is though, Robbie always offered to help. He also wanted to make sure he was looking his best in all of the pictures so every time he changed, he would always ask Lisa for her opinion. You could definitely tell they have a wonderful mother/ son relationship!

Although small styling tweaks were made here and there, Robbie certainly did a good job of picking out cool senior photo outfits for guys. He had a classic style that fit well with his casual photo shoot.

Cool Senior Picture outfits for guys

Awesome Oakland County photogrpahers

The best part of being one of the approved Cranbrook photographers is the ability to utilize the many unique areas of the immaculate grounds to capture awesome senior photos in Michigan. With so much at our disposal, we had the chance to get some really unique photos of Robbie coming out of a blue door in one of their many beautiful gardens. Even an impromptu photo under a bridge was able to showcase his personality in a different way.

West Bloomfield High School Senior Pictures

Unique senior photo locations

We concluded the session by highlighting one of Robbie’s primary passions and were able to get some great baseball senior photos as a result. Not only is he an excellent player, he has been playing for so long that he has acquired quite the collection of hats both from teams he has been on and ones that he loves. That being said, we just couldn’t resist the opportunity to capture this fun senior picture with many baseball caps from his collection. Can you believe this is only about 1/3 of it?! Thank you so very much for being such a good sport Robbie! We had a wonderful time at your high school senior photography session and we hope you did too!

Baseball senior photos

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Bloomfield Hills High School Senior Pictures with Katie

Allow us to introduce you to Katie, an amazing class of 2016 senior at Bloomfield Hills High School.  This gorgeous young lady enlisted us to take her senior pictures a couple weeks ago and we couldn’t be happier that she did! Katie was such a blast the entire photo shoot and took advantage of every opportunity to showcase her bubbly and fun personality.  From getting her picture playing on the tire swing to trekking through the woods, she did whatever it took to get a great shot.

Fun senior picture photographers

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Katie is not only sweet and personable, she is also very smart.  She is the editor of her school newspaper, was a state champion in forensics acting & speech and aspires to be a pediatric surgeon!  Then top that all off, she has great fashion sense.  Katie picked such great senior picture outfits for her shoot.  All of them showcased the many aspects of her personality while still being some of the best clothes for high school senior photos.  From her glamorous little black dress to her casual white tee, blue jeans and boots, she knocked it out of the park!

Gorgeous senior pictures

Barn senior photos

Just as we had thought, our Lake Orion, Michigan farm was the perfect place to do Katie’s senior picture photography.  She just seemed so in her element.  At one point, she even stated “oh, I am so all about this” when we were suggesting specific spots for her amazing Oakland County senior pictures.  One of our favorite locations was to get her picture in a wildflower field on our property.  While we didn’t have any sunflowers, Katie’s favorite, she definitely looked radiant amoungst the white and pink flowers and she got to wear her favorite outfit!  Thank  you so very much Katie for a fun and enjoyable shoot, it was an absolute pleasure working with you!

Bloomfield Hills High School Senior Pictures

Casual Senior Pictures

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Walled Lake Central High School Senior Photos with Abby & Remy

High school senior pictures are always a blast and that was especially true for the twin sister photo session for Abby & Remy.  These two lovely young ladies not only brought fun but great attitudes as well.  Whether they were being serious, laughing or just giving the camera a sweet smile they totally nailed their senior pictures.  Throw in the beautiful scenery of Cranbrook House & Gardens and the amazing weather we had and all the ingredients for a fantastic outdoor photo session were there.  The possibilities were endless with these class of 2016 Walled Lake Central High School Seniors.  Just look at these pictures!

Walled Lake Central High School Senior Photos

Twin Senior Photography

Abby was so adorable throughout the whole senior photography session.  When she wasn’t being photographed, you could find her dancing and twirling about.  She was so relaxed and free- spirited, she definitely brought a lightness to the shoot.  Her natural ability to pose was abundantly clear as time went on, every time Abby wasn’t in front of the camera it was like she was still posing.  She was also always right there whenever her mom needed help carrying all of their additional clothes and shoes.  As you can see, these girls had brought the perfect clothes for high school senior photos, so they had a lot. LOL

Candid High School Senior Pictures

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Lake Orion Michigan Photographers

Throughout the day, the girls took turns taking one great senior picture after another.  Remy seemed as if she had been practicing all her life to be in front of the camera.  Whether a brick wall background or just a natural setting, she could work with them all.  Watch out America’s Next Top Model, Remy is coming for you!

Senior Pictures in Michigan

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Troy High School Senior Pictures in Michigan with Austin

A couple weeks ago we had the chance to photograph another senior from a family that we have been photographing for a long time.  Just as we had expected, Austin was just as much fun to work with as his sister Amber was a few years prior in her high school senior photos.  Just as his sister did, Austin chose to get his awesome senior pictures done at Woodside Bible Church in Troy.  During the photo shoot we even got to have them both in a cute family picture!

Troy High School Senior Pictures in Michigan

Bets Family Photography in Oakland County

Not only is Austin outgoing, fun- loving and maybe a bit sarcastic at times, he’s also a wonderful athlete.  He has been on the varsity basketball team at Troy High School for the last three years!  As a result, he was totally comfortable in front of the camera with for these cool basketball senior photos.

Cool Basketball Senior Pictures

Basketball senior pics

Whether there was a basketball in his hands or not, this young man was amazingly photogenic.  His Troy, Michigan photo shoot went by in no time as a result.  Whether we were outdoors capturing candid pictures or indoors posing him for his senior yearbook photo, Austin nailed it every time.

Cool Senior photos for Guys

Handsome High School Senior Photography

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Troy High School Michigan Senior Pictures with Jacob

Earlier this month we were able to meet Jacob at our Lake Orion, Michigan farm to take his class of 2016 senior pictures. This was especially cool for us because we had taken his brother Tyler’s senior photos a few years back.  Being able to be part of this families high school milestones has been awesome.

Jacob was so easy going and fun- loving that his barn photo shoot seemed to fly by.  Between pics, his naturally fun/goofy persona come out which totally helped us to capture his great smile and the personality that beamed through it.

Best Senior Picture Photographers in Michigan

Natural Senior Picture Photography

We were so excited to find out that Jacob was able to get his football jersey for the shoot so we could get these cool football senior pictures.  You can tell he must be really good because as soon as the ball came out so did his serious side.  I’m sure Troy High School is very proud to have this determined young man on their team.

Cool football senior pictures

Senior pictures with football jersey

We had such a great day for Jacob’s barn senior pictures, the sun was shining just as brightly as his smile.  Whether he was smiling or not though, he was definitely photogenic either way.  Check out the cool cloud photo we got with him, isn’t it great?!

Awesome senior picture photographers in Michigan

Troy High School Michigan Senior Pictures

Thank you so much Jacob for being such a great sport throughout your shoot.  You were awesome to work with!

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Cool Beverly Hills Michigan Senior Pictures with Jaynie

Jaynie is a junior at Groves High School and is one of our 2016 Senior Models! She’s often described as fun, outgoing, caring and funny. When she’s not in the school’s theatre, Jaynie is either volunteering or exploring new places! Her favorite place in the world is her bed or Camp Timberlane (it’s a tie). She can’t live without Netflix, social media and food of course! Jaynie is a huge fan of music, especially Kodaline! One of Jaynie’s biggest accomplishments so far in high school is getting a regional position in her youth group. After high school, her goals are simply to be successful and enjoy her life. Those are the best kinds of goals to have!

Jaynie says that she’s excited to be a part of our model program because she’ll get some pretty pictures and all the different shoots sound so fun!

senior pictures beverly hills michigan

The first part of our model program is a model session in our studio and we were so excited for Jaynie’s session! She wore a simple and edgy outfit that fit her style and our backgrounds perfectly!

cool beverly hills michigan senior pictures

best beverly hills michigan senior photographer

This girl has some of the most beautiful brown eyes! With her hood up and some awesome lighting, this next shot couldn’t have turned out any better.

best beverly hills michigan senior photographer

We absolutely love Jaynie’s personality. She’s super laid back, easy going and totally unique. She’s an all around awesome person and working with her was such a pleasure!

cool urban senior pictures in michigan

edgy michigan senior pictures

Thanks for the killer shoot, Jaynie! We are so excited to spend more time with you and capture some more awesome pictures this year!

creative michigan high school senior photographers

michigan senior pictures for girls

fun michigan senior pictures

Awhile after Jaynie’s studio session, we met her in downtown Clarkston, Michigan to take her senior pictures.  We had so much fun with all the cool photo shoot accessories she brought.  From bracelets to sunglasses, Jaynie rocked them all.

Cool Beverly Hills Michigan Senior Pictures

Cool accessories for senior pictures

Speaking of rocking, did you know Jaynie plays the guitar and the piano?!  This laid back musician was able to pull off so many awesome guitar poses it was hard to pick which ones to use.

Best Senior picture photographers in Oakland County

Cool Senior Picture Guitar Photos

In the end, we were able to get some awesome senior pictures for this class of 2016 Groves High School senior.  Thank you Jaynie, we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Natural senior picture photography in Michigan

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Detroit Country Day Senior Pictures with Maddie

Maddie is a junior at Detroit Country Day and is also one of our amazing 2016 Senior Models! She is very hard working, especially when it comes to school! In her free time she enjoys swimming, skiing, boating, traveling, relaxing and hanging with her friends. Her favorite place in the world is simply her backyard by the lake. Maddie says she can’t live without her parents, friends and good books! I bet you’ll never guess these next few facts about Maddie… She can name all 44 presidents and say the alphabet backwards! In the past few years, Maddie was able to successfully make the transition from attending Andover High School to attending Detroit Country Day. Once she graduates, she would like to attend a university and then move on to a prestigious graduate school. We are sure that anything she sets her mind to, she’ll accomplish!

Maddie was excited to join our model team to help build her confidence and make new friends! We couldn’t be happier to have her on board!

detroit country day senior photographer

Maddie is a total sweetheart. We loved having her in our studio for her model session. She’s just as beautiful as she is kind, but you don’t need us to tell you that! Just take a look at her gorgeous photos!

cool detroit country day senior pictures

awesome michigan senior pictures

This girl did an awesome job in front of the camera. She posed so effortlessly, every shot turned out awesome. We loved her outfit and accessories too!

best michigan senior pictures

beautiful michigan senior pictures

Seriously, how gorgeous is this girl?! It’s impossible for us to pick a favorite photo from this session – we love them all!

creative michigan senior photographer

best detroit country day senior pictuers

Working with Maddie was an absolute pleasure. We are so glad that we will get to spend some more time with her throughout this year. In fact, we will be taking her senior pictures in a couple weeks and we can’t wait!

beautiful michigan senior portraits

fashionable michigan senior pictures

When the day finally came to take Maddie’s senior photos at Cranbrook House and Gardens, we were so excited!  This wonderful young lady had been so fun to photograph at all her other sessions, including our Rock the Dress photo shoot, that we just knew she was going to be a blast again.  During her senior photo session, she had no problem doing whatever it took to get the coolest senior pictures. From getting splashing water photos of her to laying on the bridge pictures, she was loving every second of it.

Unique Senior Picture Photographers

Great Michigan Photographers

This Detroit Country Day Class of 2016 senior could pull off any look she tried.  Her sweet smile was able to light up the lens while her piercing eyes captured the camera with ease.  Look at these amazing senior photos and see for yourself!

Cranbook senior picture photographers

Amazing Senior Picture Photographers in Michigan

Maddie also knew exactly what to wear to her shoot.  She did a fantastic job of picking our great outfits for senior pictures.  Her flowy black top and dark jeans was the perfect definition of dressy casual while she even showed off her school spirit in this cool letterman sweater picture.  Anyone need advice on what to wear for you senior photos?  Ask Maddie!!

Dressy Casual Senior Photo Outfits

Senior Pictures with Letterman Sweater

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Notre Dame Prep Senior Pictures with Ella

Ella is a junior at Notre Dame Preparatory School and is one of our 2016 Senior Models! Ella loves art, hanging out with friends and of course, Netflix! When she’s not at school, you may run into Ella at her favorite place, The Painted Pot! Ella says that she couldn’t live without her sister, her art journal and her best friend. Last year, Ella won first place in a statewide short story competition and moved on to win the international level! How awesome is that?!

Ella says that she’s excited to be an Arising Images model because, “This is unlike anything I’ve done before and I cant wait for my pictures!”

notre dame prep senior photographer

We were thrilled when Ella joined our team. She’s so sweet, polite, has such a great head on her shoulders and a very bright future. Have we mentioned yet how absolutely beautiful this girl is?! We couldn’t wait to start taking some pictures of her!

cute rochester michigan senior pictures

notre dame prep senior pictures

For Ella’s model session, she had on the cutest dress and a lot of fun accessories. She had no problem smiling for the camera and every shot we took of her was turning out beautifully!

notre dame prep senior pictures

pretty michigan senior pictures

She is one of the easiest people we’ve ever photographed. Everything she did was so natural, candid and cute! We love these next shots and how they show off her sweet and fun personality.

best rochester michigan senior photographer

pretty michigan senior pictures

Ella, thanks for the awesome shoot! You rock and we love that your heart is just as beautiful as you are! We can’t wait to spend time with you again soon!

pretty rochester michigan senior portraits

best notre dame prep senior pictures

After what seemed like waiting forever, we were finally able to take Ella’s senior pictures at Cranbrook!  She was equally as amazing there as she was at her in-studio photo shoot.  Just like before, Ella totally worked the camera and her casual, laid back nature was a joy to photograph.

Casual senior photos

Great Senior picture photographers in Michigan


Not only does Ella look effortlessly beautiful but to top it all off she had awesome photo shoot accessories to enhance her already gorgeous senior photos.  Check out that necklace!

Senior Picture Photographer in Lake Orion

Best senior picture photographers in Michigan

While at Cranbrook, we roamed the grounds for areas that would highlight Ella’s stunning features.  As you can see, it wasn’t difficult.  Whether she was getting brick wall pictures or getting a beautiful water photo, every location seemed to showcase her beautifully.

Senior pictures with brick wall

water Senior photos



We were having so much fun capturing these stunning senior pictures that we didn’t want the shoot to end.  Thank you so very much Ella for allowing us to be part of your senior year memories.  You have been so wonderful to work with.  We will miss you!

Amazing senior picture photographers in Michigan

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Clarkston High School Senior Photos with Bri

A couple weeks ago we had the absolute pleasure of being able to take this lovely young lady’s high school senior pictures.  Bri, short for Brianna, is a class of 2016 senior at Clarkston High School in Clarkston, Michigan.  She loves taking care of animals and actually plans on going to medical school after she graduates.  In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, watching Netflix and munching on sweets.

Michigan Senior Photo Photographers

Beatuiful Michigan Senior Photography

Brianna is an extremely talented gymnast and cheerleader.  She has actually been on the Varsity Cheer Team since she was a freshman!  Which made it super exciting that we were able to take some cheer leading uniform senior pictures.  Look at those jumps!  These were  some amazing inaction cheer photos!

Cool cheerleading seanior pictures

Cheerleader senior pictures

This Michigan senior photo shoot was so much fun we never wanted it to end.  Bri is so photogenic she made our job way too easy on us.  I mean, look at these gorgeous high school pictures!

Best Michigan Photographers

Rochester Senior picture Photogrpahers

This fun- loving sweetie had such a blast at Rochester Park that we were able to get some amazing water pictures of her.

Rochester Park Senior Photography

Congratulations on your upcoming senior year Bri.  We are so happy we were able to be part of it!

Clarkston High School Senior Photos

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Michigan Senior Pictures with Deandra

Meet Deandra! Deandra is finishing her junior year at Oxford High School and she’s now a member of our 2016 Senior Model Team!

Here are a few fun things about Deandra:
Deandra “Dede” loves cheerleading, choir, reading, sleeping and camping. Her favorite things in her closet are her cowboy boots, Levi’s and sweatshirts. She is a member of her high school’s Varsity Cheer Team, as well as the women’s choir! Deandra has such a big heart and is always volunteering when she can! She’s a part of the National Honor Society at her school, she volunteers at the children’s ministry at her church and she helps out at the non-profit agency her mom works for. Deandra has a sweet tooth for Milky Way’s and Banana Cream Pie and she is an “all-around sweet girl!” She can’t live without God, her family and friends. She is very mature and responsible. In fact, she’s always referred to as “the mom” amongst her friends. Deandra also recently walked the runway in our 2015 Fashion Show!

When asked why she’s excited to be a Senior Model, Deandra answered, “This program seems like so much fun. It gives great opportunities to meet people you may not be able to meet any other time, and you get awesome pictures that can showcase your personality! I’m just so excited!!!”

oxford michigan senior photographer

For Deandra’s model session she wanted to do something that was totally unique and that could show off her personality and interests. She’s a big Agent Carter fan and when she threw out the idea of having an Agent Carter themed shoot, we jumped all over it! We started gathering different ideas and backgrounds that we could green screen her in and Deandra and her mom went on the hunt to find the perfect Agent Carter outfit. With a cool theme, perfect outfit and a girl like Deandra who has such an awesome personality, we knew this session was going to be a blast! We had such a great time making her ideas come to life and I don’t think her pictures could’ve turned out any cooler!

cool agent carter senior pictures

cool agent carter senior pictures

Deandra, you rock! We loved that you thought out of the box and wanted something that was completely unique and awesome – just like you! We hope you love your pictures as much as we do and we are SO excited to do more shoots with you this year!

marvel inspired michigan senior pictures

creative senior pictures in orion michigan

For Deandra’s senior photos, we met her on our farm property. It was an “almost” rainy day. We had to tuck away from the outside and got to do most of the photo session in the barns. I really like this girl, she is funny, laid back and just a really neat all around person. She had a few outfits for these senior photos in Lake Orion.

Black and white senior photographers in Michigan

Lake Orion senior photographers

There were parts where we didn’t have to stay tucked away, it was still a nice day outside. Look at her photos, can you see how big her smile is? That’s this girl, what a treasure.

Cool senior pics in Detroit

Lake Orion Senior photography

We also got some great cheer uniform photos incorporating her love for the sport, and while her mom was there we got them in a photo together!

Michigan cheer senior photos

Detroit family photographers

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