Edgy Senior Photos at the Cranbrook Art Museum with Sydney

A couple weeks ago we had the pleasure of photographing Sydney for her class of 2016 high school senior pictures.  This was extra special because we had done their her brother Zack’s senior photos as well back in 2012.  It is always the biggest compliment to any senior portrait photographer when your client’s choose to return to you to capture their special memories time and time again.

This time around, we met Sydney, her family and their dog, Pumpkin, at the Cranbrook Art Museum.  Along with her guitar and phone, Pumpkin is actually one of the parts of her life that she told us she could not live without, something I think you can definitely tell by looking at their owner and pet photos together. The senior photo session was certainly a family affair as we were even able to get to take a couple sibling pictures of Zack & Syd together too!

Cool senior pictures with pets

Awesome Family Photographers in Michigan

As an aspiring singer/ songwriter, Sydney was definitely comfortable in front of the camera and she should be!  Her cool, laid back style was super fun to photograph especially with all the intricate architecture at the art museum.  Her edgy senior photos were a great combo of artsy and natural photography with her beautiful smile and kind eyes lighting up each picture.

Cool Senior Pictures

Artistic Senior Picture Photographers in Michigan

As Sydney continued to take one great senior picture after the next we wondered how she was going to choose which ones she liked the most.  I know we certainly had a difficult time!  This girl is definitely the total package.  Between being on the Dean’s List at Cranbrook Kingswood, playing varsity ice hockey,being the team captain & having her own band I don’t know how she has time for anything!  Regardless, we are sure glad she made time to get her cool senior photos done with us because we had an absolute blast!

Best senior picture photogrpahers in MIchigan

Edgy Senior Photos

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Gorgeous Bloomfield Hills Wedding Photography at the Heathers Club with Dave & Laura

Although the day started off dreary, you wouldn’t be able to tell it from the feelings of joy and excitement that filled the alluring St. Mary Catholic Church at Dave and Laura’s downtown Royal Oak wedding.  The grandiose ceilings, stunning stained glass and phenomenal architecture added a little drama to the otherwise traditional beauty of the couple’s ceremony not to mention making their amazing wedding photos all the more fabulous.

Royal Oak Wedding Photographers

After Dave and Laura said their “I do’s,”  we were off to Cranbrook House & Gardens for some gorgeous bride and groom pictures.  Laura’s hand- tied shoes were super fun to photograph (especially since she added the ribbons herself) and her stunning gown from The Dress Shop made for absolutely amazing wedding dress photos.  However lovely her bridal attire was, nothing could compare to the beauty of the love that radiated from this couple.  Whether we were taking candid couple pics or intimate bride and groom photos, these two just made our hearts melt.

Cranbrook Wedding Photography

Following our romantic bride and groom photo session at Cranbrook, we headed to the always hospitable Heathers Club in Bloomfield Hills for Dave and Laura’s reception. While the couple and their bridal party mingled with guests during cocktail hour, we had their beautifully designed room all to ourselves to capture great wedding detail photos.  The space was the essence of refinement and sophistication with the lovely linens from Affairs to Remember which complimented the charming Garnet Eve Designs centerpieces to a tee.  Even their Holiday Market cake was perfectly matched to the decor giving their reception a cohesive style from A to Z.

With the conclusion of hors d’ oeuvres hour, the guests were finally able to enter the room and, just as we did, the oohs and aahs could be heard from everyone.  After a delicious meal, it was time for Dave and Laura to officially start the party by breaking in the dance floor.  It was such a joy to be able to take their first dance pictures as husband and wife.  They couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other the entire time and the entire room could feel the love radiating off of them.

Gorgeous Bloomfield Hills Wedding Photography at the Heathers Club

Dave and Laura, thank you so very much for choosing us to capture the beauty and love of your wedding day.  It was an honor to be your Michigan wedding photographers!

Candid wedding photography

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West Bloomfield Wedding Photography at Temple Israel with David & Brittany

Do you recognize David and Brittany?  You should!  We did their downtown Detroit engagement photos a little less than a year ago and had a blast!  You may have also seen Brittany when she Said Yes to the Dress at Klienfeld in New York just a couple weeks prior.  Fast forward to their stunning West Bloomfield wedding at Temple Israel this past September and you will see that they definitely brought their fashion forward style to their otherwise traditional ceremony.

West Bloomfield Wedding Photography at Temple Israel

Following the ceremony, the couple got their hands on an old school Chevy Camaro for some awesome vintage car wedding photos.  Even though the it was a super hot and humid day, David and Brittany had no problem snuggling up for some adorable bride and groom pics.  What’s even more amazing is that both of them, along with their bridal party, still managed to look perfectly cool in their fun bridal party pictures.

Fun Wedding photographers in Michigan

After capturing some great bridal party pictures and the guests were enjoying cocktail hour in another room at Temple Israel, we were able to document the beauty of their day by getting some gorgeous reception detail photos.  From the stunning gold wedding centerpieces to the elegant linens and sleek chiavari chairs, Delux Floral totally brought David and Brittany’s vision of luxury and grandeur to life.  They could not have asked for a more beautiful space to welcome their guests and celebrate their special day.

Beautiful Wedding Photography in Michigan

Congratulations David & Brittany and thank you so very much for allowing us to photograph your beautiful Michigan wedding!

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Stoney Creek High School Senior Photos with Narae

We met Narae at Cranbrook House and Gardens earlier this month for her high school senior photo session.  Although she started out a little reserved, it was easy to tell she was excited.  Along with her family, she brought along three super cute outfits for senior pictures.  All of the outfits had perfect photo shoot accessories to go along with them as well.

Stoney Creek High School Senior Photos

Cool senior picture poses

She was so stinking cute and easy to photograph, her senior session just flew by.  If taking her Stoney Creek senior pictures wasn’t already fun enough, we got to get her younger sister in a couple pictures as well!  Isn’t this casual sibling picture just adorable?!

Awesome senior pictures at Cranbrook

Family photos at Cranbrook

Natural senior picture photographers

As Michigan senior picture photographers, there’s not much more you can ask for than a delightfully sweet subject in a beautiful setting like Cranbrook.  The great senior photo locations were endless and so was the fun.  Thank you so very much Narae, we had a fantastic time working with you.  Have an amazing senior year!

Oakland county senior picture photogrpahers

Black and white senior picture photographers

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Rochester Wedding Photography at the Royal Park Hotel with Matt & Beth

While most brides may disagree, folklore in many cultures says that it’s actually good luck for it to rain on your wedding day.  In the case of Matt and Beth’s Rochester, Michigan wedding they got the very best of both worlds.  While the late August day started with showers outside the only thing showering inside for this wonderful couple was love.  Friends and family gathered at the beautiful St. Andrew Catholic Church to celebrate the couple’s nuptials.  The soaring ceilings and intricate stained glass windows added a kind of drama to the heartfelt ceremony which allowed for gorgeous traditional wedding photos with a twist.

Amazing Wedding Photographers in Michigan

Best wedding photographers in Michigan

Shortly before the ceremony concluded the rain subsided and it seemed as if the sun came out just for Matt and Beth.  Immediately following, we made the short trip to the always stunning, Royal Park Hotel where their reception was being held.  Just to be on the safe side, we decided to take full advantage of their luck and head outside for some cute outdoor bride and groom photos.

While their guests were enjoying delicious hors d’ oeuvres and refreshments at cocktail hour, we were able to use the hotel’s elegant style and sleek design in our favor.  Combined with the love and admiration that radiated from these two, it was no problem capturing the special moments between them.  From intimate bride and groom photos to showing off the exquisite lace details of Beth’s Modern Trousseau gown, they definitely made documenting the romance and beauty of their day effortless.

Beautiful Michigan wedding photography

As Matt and Beth mingled with their guests before the celebration proceeded to get fully underway, we were able to sneak in and get some amazing reception detail photos.  The soft aroma of the fresh blooms in their Blossoms centerpieces hung gently in the air and their Holiday Market cake was so beautiful it seemed a shame to cut it.  (Although we are glad they did as it was delicious!)

Their first dance was just as magical as the entirety of the day proceeding it as Matt and Beth were expertly illuminated by the lighting and draping talents of Colonial Events.  This elegant touch gave an exquisite glow that could only be rivaled by that of the bride and groom which made their candid first dance pictures even better.

Oakland County Wedding Photographers

It was an absolute joy being able to capture so many great wedding photographs for this wonderful couple.  We could not thank them enough for allowing us to document their special day.  Congratulations Matt and Beth, may your marriage be even more wonderful than the stunning day you planned to celebrate it!

Rochester Wedding Photography at the Royal Park Hotel

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Cool Lake Orion Senior Pics with Olivia!

Olivia “Liv” is a Lake Orion High School junior and is now one of our Senior Models! Olivia’s friends would describe her as “short, funny and loud.” Her favorite brand is LA Hearts and her favorite items in her closet are her sundresses! She can’t live without her family, friends and her cell phone. Although she still wishes she were better at math, Olivia is really proud of the fact that she’s been able to receive good grades throughout high school. Olivia’s biggest passions are drawing and painting. After high school, Olivia would like to attend Grand Valley State University and hopes to become a dermatologist some day.

Olivia said that she’s excited to be an Arising Images Model because, “I get to meet an amazing group of girls, and participate the in many activities that Arising Images had planned for us.”

cool rochester senior pics

We couldn’t wait for Olivia’s model session! When she arrived, we were even more excited than before.

best rochester senior photographers

This girl has such a killer style. Her outfit and accessories were perfect and really showed off her fun personality.

fashionable michigan senior pictures

Olivia didn’t have a single problem being in front of the camera. Whether she was posing, smiling, or just being herself, everything she did was perfect.

unique senior pictures rochester michigan

As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, this girl is absolutely stunning. Believe it or not, her heart is even more beautiful than she is! She is one of the kindest and most friendly girls we’ve ever met!

creative rochester senior portrait photographer

Olivia, we couldn’t be happier to have you as one of our senior models.

In June, we had the privilege of photographing Olivia again for her senior session! Like always, she totally rocked it out, and we love how her pictures turned out!

We met Olivia at our farm property, which was the perfect setting for her casual shoot.


We always knew Olivia was great with fashion, but she always leaves us impressed at her ability to pick out just the right outfit to compliment her personality!

Best oakland county photographers

Cool senior barn pics


She broke out one of her sundresses for the warm day, and we loved it against our old truck. The two together were a perfect combination for great photos.

Amazing Michigan Senior Picture Photographers

She’s got a smile that we couldn’t get enough of! She makes our job so easy.  We also got to sneak her brother in to a couple pictures to give her parents some cute sibling photos.

Cool senior picture settings

Cute brother and sister pics

We loved spending the day with Olivia, as always. She’s a beautiful girl, both inside and out, which is what we love about our jobs: bringing the inside beauty out for everyone to see!

Black and white senior pictures

casual senior photos

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West Bloomfield Senior Photography with Ashley

Allow me to introduce you to Ashley.  She is a self- proclaimed goofball who is a class of 2016 West Bloomfield High School senior.  When she is not “clowning around”, she is constantly on the go between being on her varsity swim team and doing volunteer work with young children with disabilities.

We met Ashley at our Lake Orion, Michigan farm for her casual senior photography session at the end of August.  While she seemed a little camera shy at first, we were definitely able to bring out her natural self in these great barn photos.  All we had to do was talk about her two favorite things; her cat and food!  You wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at her but this tiny little thing loves food!  She just can’t get enough of Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes with Strawberries.  Perhaps it’s all that swimming.

West Bloomfield Senior Photography

Candid senior photography

Ashley was a little comedian the entire time, doing silly poses and making jokes with her mom, which helped bring out her personality more and more.  We were able to reign her in every now and then to showcase her more serious side as well and we are so happy we did.  She is just too adorable no matter what and these awesome high school senior pictures prove it!

Barn senior pictures

Cute Senior Pictures for girls

Our farm was definitely the perfect place for senior photos for Ashley.  The entire time, this cutie pie had a blast exploring all the various areas of our barn and property.  From finding little frogs on the rocks to doing fun poses for senior pictures in the grass, she was completely in her element and it shows.

Thank you so very much for allowing us the opportunity to work with you Ashley.  Have a wonderful senior year!

natural senior picture photography

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Top 10 Reasons To Do Fall Family Pictures

As fall arrives, it’s time to cider mills, pumpkin patches, Halloween and family photos.  Fall is a perfect time for capturing photos of your family and here is a list of our top 10 reasons to do fall family pictures.
If you are interested in scheduling a session, please call us today at 248-690-8040.  Our appointments times fill up quickly so make sure to get on the calendar early.

1. Fall colors make for beautiful photos
I think most would agree that autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year in Michigan. The vibrant colors of changing leaves mixed with the warm tones of the trees losing them is a wonder to be seen and to photograph.  This is what makes awesome fall family photos.


2. Neutral tones fit perfectly with almost any home décor
Does your house have a neutral color palette or does it boast an array of bright hues? Either way the earthy colors of fall will showcase your amazing family pictures perfectly on any color of walls. Whether the cool shades of a brisket autumn sky or the warmth of orange pumpkins, red leaves and brown trees the possibilities are endless.


3. Autumn temperatures tend to be more comfortable
It’s the best time of year to take advantage of cooler days that won’t make you look like a human popsicle or a sweaty mess. Another added bonus, if you are included any elderly family members, you won’t have to worry about heat exhaustion.  Cooler temps equal cool family pics!

Michigan fall pictures in the leaves

4. You’re still looking nice and bronzed from the summer sun
Being able to take advantage of looking sun-kissed in your pictures but not having to swelter in the heat is awesome! A little glow goes a long way.

Gorgeous fall family photos

5. Easier to coordinate clothing with earth tone settings
As mentioned previously in regards to the hues in your home, it is very easy to find colors that look great in fall scenery. Sometimes people have a difficult time trying to coordinate attire that fit just right with the bright greens of the summer, during the autumn months you have so many more options for perfect family picture outfits.

Awesome color schemes for fall photos

6. You have more accessories to work with
More often than not, family photography sessions have a particular color scheme that they are trying to work within to ensure they coordinate with one another. With the cooler autumn temperatures you have the ability to use more layers and accessories . This give each person more choices of what they want to use as their staple piece that ties them into everyone else while still allowing them to show off their individual style.

Great accessories for fall family pictures

7. Playing in the leaves is just down right fun
It’s the one season in the year when you can have the most fun throwing and jumping in leaves. Family photos that include young children are especially great for capturing candid moments of the kiddos laughing, playing and just having a good time. Whether you have a bunch of youngsters or are just young at heart, goofing around in leaves always makes for an awesome autumn pictures.

Pictures of kids throwing leaves

8. Cool autumn locations
Two of our favorite locations to photograph in the fall are at our studio owned farm property along with Cranbrook.  The colors at our farm in the fall are just blazing and October is just a magical time of year on our property.  Cranbrook is always an incredible place to work because the nature mixed with beautiful architecture is fantastic!

Cute family picture ideas

9. It’s perfect timing for planning holiday cards and gifts
You won’t have to go into panic mode when it comes time to figure out what you want to do for family holiday cards, you will already have great pictures of yours to share with the rest your family and friends. Not to mention being able to give wonderful personalized photo gifts to grandparents and loved ones.


10. Just to do them!!!
So many people delay getting family photos taken because life gets in the way. Then one day they look at their children and wonder where the time has gone. Don’t wait! You only have one opportunity to capture your children at the age they are now and they will appreciate seeing you in the pictures with them as they grew. In the age of technology, give them the gift of having beautiful family portrait heirlooms that can be passed on for generations.

Best photographers for family pictures in Detroit

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Orion Michigan Senior Pics with Alicia

Meet Alicia who is one of our awesome 2016 Senior Models.

Alicia is a Junior at Rochester High School and can be described as “a wonderful girl with a big, caring heart.” She said that scientifically she can’t live without oxygen, water and her body. Non-scientifically, she would hate to live without her family, literature and nature. Her hobbies include reading, playing the piano, origami, listening to music and watching comedy on YouTube. She loves just hanging around at home more than anything else. After high school, Alicia’s dream job is to become a professor of medicine. Alicia is really proud to have stepped out of her comfort zone and become more outgoing and sociable by joining different clubs and meeting new people at her school. Alicia definitely came out of her shell when she walked the runway in front of hundreds of people at our 2015 Fashion Show! She was confident, beautiful, absolutely beaming and did such an amazing job. We are so proud of her!

Alicia said that she’s excited to be an Arising Images Model because, “I feel like it forces me to further step out of my comfort zone. I’m meeting new people and thus have to be sociable, something I’m not always comfortable with. I’ve never been comfortable with my body or my face, but I’m learning to love myself for me and being a part of this program further pushes me on my way to confidence.” You’re awesome, Alicia, and we are so happy to have you on our team!

senior pictures orion michigan

When Alicia arrived for her model session, she was a bit nervous, but she definitely had no reason to be! She did an amazing job in front of the camera!

cute orion michigan senior pictures

best lake orion michigan senior pictures

best michigan senior portraits

We loved her outfit, especially the sun hat she brought. This girl couldn’t possibly be any cuter!

michigan senior pictures with a sunhat

Alicia is just as sweet as she is beautiful. We were so glad to be able to spend some time with her while we captured some awesome pictures.

best michigan senior photographers

stunning michigan senior pictures

beautiful senior pictures michigan

Just when we thought Alicia’s session was over, we saw the coat she was going to put on to leave and we made her come back in the studio! That bold red coat looked absolutely beautiful on her and we were so glad we made her come back for another shot because it turned out to be one of our favorites!

fashionable senior pictures in michigan

Thanks for the awesome shoot, Alicia. We are so glad to have you on our model team and we can’t wait to see you again soon!

Now, let’s fast forward a couple months from her in- studio senior model session to Alicia’s Oakland County senior photography session at Addision Oaks.  There are so many picturesque settings at the park, it was easy for us to capture beautiful senior pictures of such a lovely girl.  From all the brightly colored flowers and cool water features, we feel so lucky that our Lake Orion, Michigan photography studio is just a short distance away.

Great senior picture photographers near Detroit

Casual senior photo ideas

Cool senior photos with fountains

With Alicia taking one great senior picture after another and her joyful personality, the Oakland County park photo session just seemed to fly by.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day or a better model!

Simple senior picture poses

Senior pictures taken in grass

It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you Alicia.  We are so happy you were able to be part of our senior model program and look forward to seeing what amazing things you do in the future!

Great portrait photography in Michigan


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Beautiful Clarkston Michigan Senior Pictures with Michaela

We want to take a second to introduce you to Michaela who is one of our awesome 2016 Senior Models! Michaela goes to Brandon High School where she is on the varsity poms team. This year her team claimed the title of the competitive pompon state champions! She also dances and loves being on stage! Michaela is quite the crafter. In her free time she really enjoys knitting and upcycling. This girl is just as intelligent as she is gorgeous! She’s had some awesome accomplishments so far in high school. One of her biggest ones was giving her presentation at the MDOT bridge competition during her freshman year. She’s also really proud to have gotten an A in her AP Stats class! After high school, Michaela plans on attending MSU where she will major in criminology/psychology and minor in dance. One of our favorite and most random facts about Michaela is that she can sing the alphabet backwards!

michigan high school senior model program

Michaela recently came to our studio for her very first model session. We had SO much fun with her! She is such a sweetheart and so easy to work with. She is also incredibly fierce in front of the camera!

best senior photographer in clarkston michigan

pretty clarkston senior pictures

We love her stye. From head to toe, Michaela looked like she stepped off a fashion magazine. We especially loved the hat she brought! Seriously, how stunning is this girl?!

fashionable senior pictures in clarkston michigan

stylish senior pictuers michigan

clarkston michigan senior pictures

Picking our favorites from this session was near impossible. Every photo we took turned out awesome. Michaela is just so effortlessly photogenic.

cool senior picture poses in michigan

beautiful michigan senior pictures

We ended her session with a bang and captured this absolutely gorgeous portrait. It was so much fun having Michaela in our studio! We couldn’t be more excited to have her as one of our 2016 Senior Models and we can’t wait for all the rest of the shoots we get to do with her this year! Thanks for all the fun, Michaela! Can’t wait to see you again soon!

beautiful clarkston michigan senior pictures

A few months after her senior model studio session, we met Michaela in downtown Rochester to take her awesome Oakland County senior pictures.  We started the artistic photography session in a place you would never imagine, a parking garage!  It turns out though, that was a great spot for her senior photos.  As we mentioned previously in this post, Michaela is an amazingly talented dancer so we were able to get some really unique photography poses.  How cool is this?!

Amazing dance senior pictures

After her dancing senior pictures, we moved above ground to capture a more relaxed environment in order to get these casual high school senior photos of her.  She’s such a cutie.

Lake Orion Michigan Senior Photographers

Best senior pictures photographers in Oakladn County

Great senior pictures photographer in Michigan

As the day came to a close, we made our way over to Rochester Municipal Park.  With the perfect weather we had and an even better subject, we couldn’t go wrong with Michaela’s amazing senior pictures.  We had so much fun at this outdoor photography session and just love these Rochester, Michigan senior photos.  We hope you do too!

Senior photos with water

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