An engagement photo session in Downtown Detroit at the Detroit Opera House

Not many people choose to do a photo session in the winter, it’s pretty understandable as the weather is cold and there aren’t always a ton of other options. However, sometimes when you step outside “the box” and get creative with where and how you will do photos you can really get some creative photos.

Shooting indoors can be challenging if you don’t really have a strong, confident grasp on how to use off camera lighting really well. Sometimes you want to use it to fill in light on their faces, other times you want to use the lighting from behind them and sometimes you want to use lighting for silhouette shots. Either way, hoping you get something is NOT how to you do it. We chose to work at the Detroit Opera House because it’s pretty cold outside and for their wedding day Amy and Derick have something set up for their guests to do a tour of downtown Detroit and it really fit in with that idea.

We hadn’t met Derick before this photo session which sometimes is nerve wracking but once we met him and saw he and Amy together it was really great. They are super together. We asked them to give a little kiss and he told her “they don’t know it but I could do this all day!” How sweet is THAT?? Amy is super funny with her characters that come out here and there, pretty sure she and I will become great friends!

Little did we know it but Amy is known for her love of chandeliers, as you can see in a photo below her day was MADE with cool angles and interesting lighting we added to the environment.

Amy and Derick, we hope we were able to capture what you had envisioned for your engagement session in Detroit. We sure love it and really look forward to spending your wedding day with you :)

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Detroit engagement photographer

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Michigan engagement photographer

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