Michigan Senior Pictures with Sarah

A couple weeks ago we had Sarah’s first model session as she is a part of our senior model team. Sarah is a dancer and has a huge passion for it! She wanted to incorporate that into her shoot so she came to our studio with her tutu, lace tights and pointe shoes. As soon as she arrived, we knew we were going to have a blast! She did a lot of awesome poses and dance moves while we photographed her. It was so much fun! Afterwards, Sarah changed out of her dance clothes and into a casual outfit to get some more pictures. She is such a stunning girl, every photo of her turned out absolutely beautiful! Sarah is an total natural in front of the camera. We are really looking forward to photographing her senior pictures soon!

Sarah is a dancer and so much more! Check out some fun facts about this crazy cool girl:

Sarah goes to Brandon High School where she is in the National Honor Society. Her hobbies are dancing, playing the clarinet, robotics and writing. Sarah has had a lot of awesome accomplishments during her high school career! She just competed in a robotics competition with her school and her team won! Sarah was also accepted into Blue Lake’s International Ballet Ensemble and will be touring Europe with them this summer. She is also in the District III Honors Band. Sarah can’t live without sleep, ballet and food! After high school, Sarah would like to attend either the University of Michigan or Kettering. Her goals for her future are to become an engineer and to have a family.

Here’s what Sarah had to say about being an Arising Images model:
“I can’t wait to experience all the exclusive events and to represent such an awesome company that can take photos like no one else, especially the actions shots (: I’m eager to make everyone jealous! Haha!”

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Romeo Senior Pictures with Katryna

This year we had the pleasure of meeting Katryna when she joined our 2015 Senor Model Team. As soon as we met her, we just loved her! She is one of the kindest people we have ever met and we are so glad to have her as one of our senior models.

Katryna’s model session was incredibly special. She comes from a family who served in the armed forces so she wanted to create some images that would honor them and her country. She looked absolutely beautiful in her army uniform. It was so awesome to create such unique and powerful images with her! We had a lot of fun green screening a couple of her pictures and we used an American flag as a background as well. We hope that her family loved how everything turned out as much as we do! Katryna also had another theme for her second outfit. She wanted to get some super cute vintage-looking photos. She had the perfect outfit, complete with old fashioned accessories and a vintage Coca-Cola bottle. These images were also a blast to create and Katryna did such an amazing job posing and smiling for the camera! This shoot couldn’t have been any better. Katryna is an absolute joy to be around and we are so excited for all of her other photo shoots this coming year!

Here are some fun facts about this great girl:
Katryna goes to Romeo High School where she is on the varsity cheerleading team! Her favorite hobbies are cheerleading, spending time with her family, marching band, hunting, skiing, snowboarding and photography. Katryna definitely can’t live without her family, her house and cheerleading. Her favorite place on Earth is California. Katryna’s friends would describe her as shy. We had to laugh because she said that while she may be shy, once she gets comfortable she can be obnoxious. After high school, Katryna plans on going to Northern Michigan University where she will participate in their ROTC program and eventually go off to serve her country. She is a brave girl with some incredible goals and we give her major props for that!

This is what Katryna had to say about why she was excited to be an Arising Images model:
“I’m hoping it will make me less shy. I hope after seeing the final product that I will realize how beautiful I really am.”

In the past few weeks we’ve seen Katryna totally own it in front of the camera. She even participated in our fashion show and you wouldn’t believe how awesome she did on the runway! We are so proud of this girl and we can’t wait for all the fun we get to have with her this year.

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Oakland County Senior Pictures with Megan

Megan is another awesome member of our 2015 Senior Model Team! She came to our studio a couple weeks ago for her first model session with us. Megan decided that for her model session she wanted to get some pictures that were totally different than anything she’s ever done before. While she is actually quite the girly girl, she decided to go with a skater girl theme for her shoot. She arrived ready to go with the perfect outfit and her brother’s skateboard! We had such a blast capturing some crazy cool images of her. Megan did such an awesome job and everything turned out amazing. You never would’ve known that she isn’t actually a skateboarder! We love that Megan wanted to do something that was way out of her typical comfort zone. She picked the perfect theme and she rocked it out the entire time. After the skateboarding pictures, Megan changed into a different outfit and we captured a couple more stunning pictures of her. This shoot was so much fun and we can’t wait to photograph Megan again soon!!

Here’s some fun facts to help you get to know Megan:
Megan loves cheerleading, hanging out with her friends and everything Disney! She goes to Brandon High School and one of her biggest accomplishments was going to regionals with her cheer team! Megan can’t live without her phone, chicken fried rice and her friends. An unusual talent that Megan has is that she can wiggle her nose and ears. She can make dimples in the top of her cheeks too! After high school, Megan would like to go to college and to become a personal trainer and wedding planner. Megan’s friends would describe her as awkward and funny. We’ve had so much fun getting to know Megan. While she may be shy at first, she is full of personality and is such a blast to be around! We just love this girl!

This is what Megan had to say about being an Arising Images model:
“I’ve always wanted to be a model. Everything sounds like a blast and I am so excited to make new friends!”

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Bloomfield Hills High School Senior Pictures with Tess

Over the past couple years we photographed senior pictures for Tess’ brother and sister. This year we are super excited because it is Tess’ turn and she is a part of our senior model team!

A couple weeks ago Tess came to our studio for her first model session. Tess loves vintage clothing and she is a big fan of Audrey Hepburn. She wanted to incorporate those things into her shoot and we were all for it! She had two absolutely perfect vintage-looking outfits and her make-up was done just like Audrey Hepburn’s. She looked amazing! It was a lot of fun creating some vintage inspired photos and Tess was absolute perfect for it. Some of Audrey Hepburn’s most commonly recognized pictures are her half-face portraits. We made sure to do one like that for Tess and it turned out absolutely stunning! Tess did such a great job and her pictures turned out amazing. We can’t wait for her next shoot!

Here’s a little bit about Tess:
Her favorite hobbies are working, sleeping and eating. She also loves doing community service and she is involved with a lot of different organizations! She spends her summers volunteering in Detroit for the non-profit organization Summer in the City. She absolutely loves working there and helping to organize their day camp at the Latino Mission Society. Detroit is definitely her favorite place on Earth. Tess also really enjoys babysitting because she gets paid to hang out with her favorite type of people (people under the age of 9). Tess can’t live without coffee, her glasses and her dearest friends and coworkers. She is also an amazing sculptor. She says she’s “decent”, but we’ve seen her work and are pretty sure she will be famous for it one day! Tess has been able to work multiple jobs at Hallmark and at a movie theatre, all while maintaining a solid GPA! After graduating from Bloomfield Hills High School, Tess would like to move out of her parents house and eventually get a job that is a mix between social a worker and artist.

This is what Tess was most excited about when joining our Arising Images model team:
“I get to keep some awesome and beautiful memories from my high school career, and spend time with some really cool people at the same time.”

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Brandon High School Senior Pictures with Aubrie

Last year we were able to photograph Aubrie for the first time when she came to our Rock the Dress fashion shoot. We had so much fun with her at that event and we are so excited that she is now one of our 2015 senior models! A couple weeks ago was Aubrie’s first model session with us. At the beginning of Aubrie’s shoot, we decided to experiment with some bubbles! She looked gorgeous and the bubbles were such a fun addition to her photos! Aubrie has a big passion for soccer that she also wanted to incorporate into her photos. After her first outfit, she put on her soccer gear and let us get her super messy so we could create some really awesome soccer photos. Aubrie even let us destroy her pretty curls and wet her hair down. She was quite the trooper and the pictures turned out epic! It was so much fun!

Here are some fun facts about Aubrie:
Aubrie’s hobbies are soccer, drawing and bowling. She also has a huge soft spot for animals! Aubrie can’t live without her soccer ball, her family (including her dogs) and her sunglasses because her future is bright! Aubrie says that her favorite things in her closet are her hoodies. She wouldn’t describe herself as fancy or modern. She can be comfortable in a Salvation Army hoodie and still feel pretty. She still loves dressing up and being girly, but she’s a soccer playing girl at heart. She’s happy wearing mud and with a ball at her feet. Aubrie goes to Brandon High School and one of her biggest accomplishments in school was when she tore her ACL and was able to get back to soccer in 12 weeks. After high school, she plans on going to college and becoming a nurse. Aubrie’s friends would describe her as outgoing. Her outgoing personality makes her a blast to be around! She is always laughing and joking around and we love that about her.

This is what Aubrie had to say about being one of our 2015 senior models:
“After participating in Rock the Dress, I fell in love with all of the photos and I wouldn’t want any other company to do my senior pictures!”
Aubrie, we just love you and we can’t wait until your senior session in a couple months!

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