Michigan Fall Senior Pictures with Maddie

This fall went by so quickly! Luckily before all of the leaves were gone, we were able to capture some amazing fall senior pictures with Maddie.

We drove out to Maddie’s home for her senior session. They live on a beautiful farm property that just happens to be the highest point in southeast Michigan. Maddie’s family definitely knew what they were doing when they scheduled her shoot for the fall. Their property is so full of color it looked like we were standing in a painting! We couldn’t wait to start taking some pictures! There were so many different places for us to photograph at, we ended up getting a lot of rides in their Gator which was a blast! Maddie was a breeze to photograph. She was very comfortable in front of the camera and she was a lot of fun to work with. Her photos turned out absolutely stunning. We were so glad they chose to take her pictures on their property. Not only was it beyond beautiful, but it gave each and every photo more meaning. We were also able to incorporate some of her pets into her session! Maddie has the cutest little dog who posed perfectly with her for a few shots. We were thrilled to find out that she also has a miniature donkey! She is the first person we’ve ever met who owns a donkey so we had to make sure and get a couple shots of them together! Between the beautiful location, gorgeous girl, Gator rides and all of the animals, this was definitely one of our most unique and memorable shoots.

Maddie, thanks for choosing us to take your senior pictures. We can’t even describe how much fun we had with you! Hopefully we will get to see you and your family (pets included!) soon :)!

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Feel free to leave Maddie a comment about her pictures or best wishes as she finishes her senior year at Oxford High School!

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Rochester Michigan Senior Pictures with Sneha

This past month we had such a great senior session with Sneha who goes to Rochester High School! Sneha is such a doll. She was so easy going, has a sweet disposition and was a lot of fun to work with!

For Sneha’s session we went to Cranbrook which is one of our favorite places to shoot at! The weather was absolutely perfect and Sneha brought along 3 awesome outfit changes that looked really beautiful against the Cranbrook backgrounds. This girl is so photogenic it’s crazy! She barely needed any direction when posing and her photos turned out so stunning and natural looking. We are so glad she chose us to take her senior pictures! Sneha, thanks for the awesome shoot. It was so nice getting to work with you and we hope to see you again very soon!

Check out some of the highlights from her senior session:

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Feel free to leave Sneha a comment about her senior pictures or best wishes as she finishes her senior year in high school!

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Creative Senior Pictures in Orion Michigan with Kaitlyn

Sometimes we meet people and have such awesome shoots with them that we are almost heart broken when it’s over! With Kaitlyn’s senior session, that is exactly what happened. Kaitlyn is one of the sweetest and most beautiful and unique girls we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. We are so blessed to have had the chance to work with her and her family over the past few months! Kaitlyn had a ton of awesome ideas for her senior pictures so we did multiple shoots with her and every single one was a blast!

For Kaitlyn’s main senior session, we went to downtown Birmingham. It was the perfect day and there were so many awesome locations for us to take pictures in! One thing we absolutely love about Kaitlyn is her style! She had such awesome and unique outfits which made her pictures even more fun. It didn’t take Kaitlyn long at all to get comfortable in front of the camera. She is a total natural! Every single picture turned out amazing.

We were so pumped for Kaitlyn’s second photoshoot. We couldn’t wait to use our creativity and make Kaitlyn’s ideas come to life. For the first part, Kaitlyn wanted to do an old school hip hop theme. The outfit she brought was PERFECT and her hair and makeup were absolutely killer! It’s hard to even describe how much fun we had taking these photos. Kaitlyn seriously rocked it out. Between her poses and style, the photos couldn’t have turned out any better. However, we weren’t even close to being done capturing some unique and creative photos for her. The last part of her session was one of the coolest ones we’ve ever done! Kaitlyn wanted to do a corpse bride cosplay outfit and we were all on board to make that happen! She got a vintage wedding dress and veil and had Danya from DLM Artistry come out to our studio to give her some eerie corpse bride makeup. Danya did such an awesome job and her makeup really brought this session to life! We were so glad Kaitlyn chose her to be a part of this. Once Kaitlyn was ready to go, we took some photos of her against a green screen and later photoshopped her into some amazing scenes. We absolutely love how the final product turned out and we are so excited to share the photos with everyone!

Kaitlyn, you rock! Thanks for choosing us to take your senior pictures. We had an insane amount of fun with you and we hope that this is an experience you’ll never forget. We also want to give a big shout out to her mom Tami! We give her a huge amount of props for going to extra mile to make sure that Kaitlyn’s senior pictures really reflect her personality and interests. She’s one of the most encouraging and supporting mom’s we’ve ever met and it was an absolute pleasure working with her and her family. Now keep scrolling, because you definitely want to check out these pictures!!

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Kaitlyn also wanted to make sure and get some photos of her with some of the most important people in her life. So we had her mom, grandma, aunt and uncle come to the studio to get a nice photo with her.

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Feel free to leave Kaitlyn a comment about her senior pictures or best wishes as she finishes her senior year in high school!

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Novi Michigan Senior Pictures on a Farm

There’s so much to say about our recent senior session with Emily! We just love this girl! Emily goes to Novi High School where she is a part of the highest choir in her school. She also plays the guitar, is bilingual in Spanish and her talents don’t end there! Emily just happens to be a second degree black belt as well. All of her talents and achievements aside, she is one of the friendliest girls we’ve ever met. The second you meet her, you just love her. She was so much fun to spend time with!

We took Emily’s senior pictures at our farm and it was the perfect day! All the fields, barns and our old truck were perfect backgrounds for Emily’s photos. The farm was definitely a great choice for her! Emily was so easy to photograph. Her smile is absolutely gorgeous and really shows off her fun personality. Emily’s serious look is also seriously fierce! No matter what expression this girl made, the pictures turned out awesome. She also brought along her guitar and we had a blast taking some photos of her with it. One of our favorite shots of the day is of her standing with her guitar. She looks like she should be on the cover of Rolling Stone!

Thanks for the awesome shoot, Emily! We had so much fun with you!

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Feel free to leave Emily a comment about her pictures or best wishes as she finishes her senior year at Novi High School.

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Cool Michigan Senior Pictures with a baseball player!

This month we had one of the most awesome guy senior sessions that we’ve ever done! There were so many things about this shoot that made for some super unique photos.

Taylor met us at our farm property in Orion, Michigan for his senior session. He arrived in one of the coolest cars we’ve ever seen! It was a blue 56 Chevy in absolutely perfect condition. We couldn’t wait to take it out in our field for some pictures! Taylor is probably one of the most photogenic guys we’ve ever met. He has such a unique look and he posed perfectly. He would ask if he looked awkward and we had to laugh at him because he honestly looked like a professional model! We love Taylor is so modest, laid back and easy to get along with. Aside from his natural skills in front of the camera, we really enjoyed spending time with him.

After we captured some sick pictures with his Chevy, Taylor changed into a really unique outfit with a Marilyn Monroe shirt. We had the perfect backgrounds to get some super edgy and totally different looking pictures of him. These shots turned out so cool and were definitely some of our favorites! Taylor rocked a suit for his next outfit, which again was a total different look than the other pictures we already took. We ended his session by capturing some photos that show off his passion. Taylor has been playing baseball his entire life so he wanted to make sure and incorporate that into his senior pictures. We used some cool flash to get some unique shots of him inside our barn. One of our favorite shots from this session is of him leaning against the barn and lightly tossing his baseball. We loved all of the variety in Taylor’s senior pictures. There were so many amazing shots, we are still having trouble picking out our favorites!

Taylor, thanks for choosing us to take your senior pictures! Your shoot was awesome and you seriously rocked it out. We had such a great time with you and we can’t wait to see you again soon!

Check out some of the highlights from his senior session:

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Senior pictures are the perfect time to update your family photo. Taylor’s parents took advantage of this and we were able to capture a really nice photo of them all!
michigan fall family pictures

Feel free to leave Taylor a comment about his senior pictures or best wishes as he finishes his senior year at Kettering High School!

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