Dominican Republic – Palmera de Cabarete Resort Development

As many of you may have read last year, Cheridy and I were involved in a really fun commercial photography project.  We were hired to shoot photos all around the Dominican Republic that could be used as images for brochures, videos, websites, etc. that the advertising company was creating.  We’ve done some commercial photography jobs before, but this was one of the largest commercial photo projects that we’ve done as it involved multiple international trips.  Since we love to travel, this was right up our alley so there was no reason to not become commercial travel photographers and add that to our resume.

Anyway, just today I came across the preliminary website for the building project that these photos are for and I thought I would share it with everyone because it’s pretty cool!  The building project is called Palmera de Cabarete on the north shore of the Dominican Republic.  You can check out the website at   All the images from on the website are ones that we had done as part of the project.  Make sure to check out the “destination video” that is linked at the bottom.  For the majority of the video footage, we were right next to the video team, so you can see what it’s like down there.  In case you didn’t see our previous blog posts, we took two trips there:

Dominican Trip 1

Dominican Trip 2

Some of these images can be purchased as fine art prints here:

High School Senior Photos with Blerta
Engagement Pictures at Cranbrook in Bloomfield Hills with Chris and Amanda


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    Nestled on the breathtaking north coast of the Dominican Republic, Palmera de Cabarete is both the first full-scale luxury Dominican Republic real estate development of its kind in the area and poised to become the envy of island destinations throughout the Caribbean. Get ready to explore the future of luxurious island living as modern amenities and natural splendor come together to give new meaning to words like “tropical” and “paradise.” Then, discover everything from kiteboarding and canyoning to spectacular golf and whitewater rafting all in the Dominican Republic.

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