Weddings at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester, MI

The Royal Park is a four star and four diamond hotel that is top notch in every way.  It is definitely one of the top wedding venues in detroit.
The conservatory is a beautiful place to get married and they have ballrooms of all sizes to accommodate most any weddings. There are beautiful suites where the bride can get ready. It is situated right near downtown Rochester, were there are lots of fun opportunities for us to go for some more urban style wedding photos.

We often start the wedding day in the suites upstairs. The main suites are quite large and provide enough space for the bride and groom to get ready with their bridal parties. Once dressed there are some beautiful locations up in the hallways and even in the elevators for some fun images of the bride and groom.

bride by the window at the royal park hotel

Bride and Groom in the elevators at the Royal Park in Rochester, MI

Outside the Royal Park Hotel is Paint Creek which creates a very tranquil setting for a quick walk on the wedding day.
Paint Creek next to the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester, MI

The Conservatory in the Royal Park Hotel is a very intimate setting to have a beautiful wedding ceremony day or night.  Lots of natural light floods through the glass windows making the room very bright and open.
Conservatory at the Royal Park Hotel

I love the chandeliers on the ceiling of the Conservatory.
Rochester, MI - Royal Park Hotel - conservatory chandeliers

Right outside the conservatory is a cute little garden area and fountain.
Garden outside of the Royal Park concservatory in Rochester, Michigan

Here’s a photo of a bride and groom coming up the aisle after their wedding ceremony in the Royal Park Hotel conservatory.
Wedding ceremony in the conservatory at the Royal Park Hotel

Our style of wedding photography typically takes us off to do more urban type of photography. When shooting weddings at the Royal Park Hotel, we are right near downtown Rochester, MI. There are some great places to go to that provide some really unique backdrops and colors for some creative wedding photos.

Wedding photography in downtown Rochester, Michigan

The ballrooms and wedding receptions at the Royal Park Hotel are always very elegant.
Royal Park ballroom

Table settings at the Royal Park Hotel

Cake table setup for wedding reception at the Royal Park Hotel

The wedding reception dinners at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester are the best in town.
Entree at the Royal Park Hotel weddings

The Royal Park Hotel has a lot of interesting details which we can use to make some creative photos. This particular couple had their wedding on 7/7/07.
Creative wedding ring photo

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